Market Museum 2023

Market & Museum is back at Lippo Mall Kemang! Your favorite thematic bazaar will present attractive retail & Food and Beverages tenants for 2023. The Market & Museum bazaar with the theme Sunny South, will start from March 9th until March 12th, 2023, from 10 am to 10 pm, Thursday to Sunday at Lippo Mall

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Some Ideas for Your Summer at Home

For those without plans to travel due to the pandemic, why not create your own summer time activities around the house? Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash Summer’s lower temperature may decrease the infectious potency of Covid-19 as the temperature is rising, but many of us are still weary to travel and escape to any vacation.

The Art of Housekeeping

During self-isolation, who would have thought that cleaning the house will be a therapeutic and soothing ritual to curb with the stress? Psychologists have the answer. Photo by Austrian National Library on Unsplash It’s been months since people sheltering at home, spending most of our time in the house doing everything as we all know that

Vinyasa Yoga with Ubud’s Yoga Barn

With Ubud’s pioneering yoga studios, The Yoga Barn, currently closed for Covid-19, they have taken their special classes online on Facebook and Instagram for the whole world to experience! Their videos range from all types of yoga, to healing arts and meditation practices — all available for free with the option of donating to the

Meditation for Beginners: Get Mindful with These Three Easy Apps

Modern science has finally bolstered and supported the benefits of meditation has for the human brain. Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash/NOWJAKARTA The circumstances in which we’ve all been through into because of Covid-19 are, at the minimum, frustrating. Whole sections of our ‘regular’ lives have been quickly stripped away, from our work schedules, lifestyle needs,

Ketoprak Recipe: Rice Noodles and Vegetable Salad with Peanut Sauce

Celebrate Jakarta's 493rd birthday by cooking your own version of the city's traditional food: Ketoprak! Taken from Chef Petty Elliott's cooking book, you can now prepare your own version of this healthy food. Ketoprak is a classic dish from Betawi consisting of rice cake, rice noodles and bean sprouts served in peanut sauce. The raw garlic

The Art of Breathing: 3 Pranayama Techniques to Try at Home

Breathing, whilst an action we do on a daily basis, actually has many healing and wellness properties. When done with the proper technique, just the act of inhaling and exhaling puts the body into different states which are great for both physical and mental health. In this video, yoga instructor Nina Belinda representing Terapung Float Club, a

#CookingFromHome with Chef Adrian Aditya

Watch again our Instagram Live Session in collaboration with Chef Adrian Aditya of Hotel Jambuluwuk Thamrin and see how he prepares Baked Cheese Jumbo Prawns.  This is part of NOW! Jakarta Instagram Live Session, an online event held on 22 May 2020. To see other sessions, go follow @now_jakarta on Instagram.   View this post on Instagram A

Keep the Music On! A Melodic Therapy to Covid-19 Crisis!JAKARTA During the coronavirus crisis, community support has evolved from a series of spontaneous musical flash mobs to connect with each other to coordinated displays of appreciation – including clapping, shouting, and singing – to acknowledge the health workers on the front lines. Much like singing, this external expression of gratitude is helping people to

The Philosophy of Crises – Part Two

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash/NOWJAKARTA Alistair Speirs returns with part two of The Philosophy of Crisis, this time citing great philosophers, such as William Du Bois, George Santayana and William James, on how to start the upcoming post-Covid-19 era the right way. Listen to NOW! Jakarta Podcast Episode 9, available on Spotify.

#CookingFromHome with Chef Vindex Tengker

Watch again our Instagram Live Session in collaboration with Chef Vindex Tengker of Le Meridien Jakarta and see how he prepares Sayur Labu Siam & Sambal Goreng Udang Nanas.  This is part of NOW! Jakarta Instagram Live Session, an online event held on 20 May 2020. To see other sessions, go follow @now_jakarta on Instagram.

Songs to Send to Distant Lovers

Illustration of a couple listening to music. Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash/NOWJAKARTA The best written love songs don’t always carol the joy of romance. Great songwriters since the start of time have penned the ups and downs of being in love that are still revered and echoed today. There are the sunshines and rainbows type, or the gut-wrenching,

Binge-Watching Modern and Contemporary Muslim Shows at Home

Claimed as the Best Actor – Television Series Musical and Comedy on 77th Golden Globe Awards, American comedian Ramy Youssef comes back this year with the second season of Hulu Original Ramy that will premiere on 29 May 2020. Still photo of Ramy/NOW!JAKARTA After practicing fasting a full month, Eid Al -Fitr this year might be a

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