#CookingFromHome with Chef Vindex Tengker

Watch again our Instagram Live Session in collaboration with Chef Vindex Tengker of Le Meridien Jakarta and see how he prepares Sayur Labu Siam & Sambal Goreng Udang Nanas.  This is part of NOW! Jakarta Instagram Live Session, an online event held on 20 May 2020. To see other sessions, go follow @now_jakarta on Instagram.

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Songs to Send to Distant Lovers

Illustration of a couple listening to music. Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash/NOWJAKARTA The best written love songs don’t always carol the joy of romance. Great songwriters since the start of time have penned the ups and downs of being in love that are still revered and echoed today. There are the sunshines and rainbows type, or the gut-wrenching,

Binge-Watching Modern and Contemporary Muslim Shows at Home

Claimed as the Best Actor – Television Series Musical and Comedy on 77th Golden Globe Awards, American comedian Ramy Youssef comes back this year with the second season of Hulu Original Ramy that will premiere on 29 May 2020. Still photo of Ramy/NOW!JAKARTA After practicing fasting a full month, Eid Al -Fitr this year might be a

COVID-19: Wellbeing Management

While we are securing ourselves at home wringing our hands like squeegee mops, let’s get on the path to self-actualisation. Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA After rationalising what it means to endure global catastrophes like coronavirus pandemic followed by a scramble of pandemic-inspired productivities, here are five ways to ease your coronavirus angst. Peddling through coronavirus-inspired productivities will not

Cardio Dance with Jannice Etta

  Staying at home is not an excuse to not working out! To accompany you at your home as well as helping you keep healthy, NOW! Jakarta held an Instagram Live Session in collaboration with Paradigm Fitness Indonesia on Friday, 15 May 2020. Themed "Exercise from Home", pretty Dance Icon Janice Etta took over our Instagram account

The Importance of Self Hydration during Ramadan

Drinking water is equally important as consuming healthy foods to maintain hydration, especially for those practicing fasting during Ramadan.  Photo courtesy of Manki Kim on Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA This year, Muslim communities around the world must feel the different atmosphere during Ramadan since many people are spending this annual religious tradition at home. However, Ramadan fasting at home can still

The Philosophy of Crises

  This Covid-19 crisis is still ongoing in Indonesia and no one knows when this will end. Alistair Speirs OBE invites us all to consult some of the greatest philosophers to see what they had to say about crises. Listen to NOW! Jakarta Podcast Episode 6, available on Spotify.

Remodelling Your Home Using Recycled Items

Reuse, refurbish and recycle – these are three key drivers to keep sustainability in mind while redecorating your existing home. NOW!JAKARTA Try to stay eco-friendly as much as possible as you decorate your house. Small remodelling home projects can freshen up your interior designs and furniture while remaining sustainable with recycled materials, thus giving it

Everlasting from the Silver Screen

Footage from the movie If I Stay The cinema industry have blessed us with brilliant dialogues and memorable lines that have passed into everyday life. Here are our top 20 picks to keep your passion for good movies alive. “But the you who you are tonight is the same you I was in love with yesterday, the you

Liquid Bliss from the Bees

Introducing BeeMa Honey, a honey producer focused on producing pure, natural and sustainable organic raw honey! Photos courtesy of Beema Honey/NOWJAKARTA Among the most in-demand superfoods during this global pandemic is honey. In addition to being a natural remedy to relieve pain, the World Health Organization claimed that honey helps reduce skin inflammation and relieve

Work Up a Sweat Without Leaving Your Flat

In times of challenge like the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is concerned about going out, especially to the gym. So, how do you set up an effective home workout? What do you do if you don’t have much space or equipment? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back (and body)! It is not impossible to stay active

Coconut Brulee with Cinnamon, Warm Banana and Sweet Potato Crisps

  Coconut Brulee with Cinnamon, Warm Banana and Sweet Potato Crisps This dessert is inspired by kolak, a banana and sweet potatoes dish cooked in coconut milk, cinnamon and pandan leaves. This version is similar in taste but totally di!erent in texture. Coconut Brulee with Cinnamon, Warm Banana and Sweet Potato Crisps Serves: 8 Ingredients:

Twice-cooked Chicken Drumstick with Pandan and Curry Leaves

  Twice-cooked chicken drumstick with pandan and curry leaves. This is one the best version of fried chicken ever. I personally try to avoid fried food but it is hard to resist a piece of golden, deep-fried chicken drumstick. It is important to simmer the chicken on low heat to let all the spices infuse.

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