While we are securing ourselves at home wringing our hands like squeegee mops, let’s get on the path to self-actualisation. Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA

After rationalising what it means to endure global catastrophes like coronavirus pandemic followed by a scramble of pandemic-inspired productivities, here are five ways to ease your coronavirus angst.

Peddling through coronavirus-inspired productivities will not make a good relief! While we are securing ourselves at home wringing our hands like squeegee mops, let’s get on the path to self-actualisation. Let’s make the best version of ourselves instead of fight valiantly for a sense of normalcy through productivity porn.

Think the unthinkable. If you think that it’s hard to stay productive in the midst of the pandemic, that’s totally OK. “There’s a huge push of people thinking that because we are home right now, we can be productive and that we’re all going to be able to stay as focused as we were a month or so ago,” says productivity expert Racheal Cook.

No sane person feels good about this pandemic. No individual circumstances resemble, and people process rough times differently and explore the different ways how to best cope with them. Nothing is wrong, but nothing is right either. There’s no right way (to get through this) other than being yourself, allowing yourself to be on your way – not even staying productive. 

Being productive, however, can be a coping mechanism for numbing difficult emotions, but still, many aren’t capable of acknowledging what they’re feeling. Know what you need and acknowledge your limit that recognising you’re depressed and overwhelmed in some moments allows you to actually function better. Do not overextend or hustle.

It’s OK to run a series of projects during lockdown; be it managing household chores and signing up for online courses while maintaining a work diary. This coping mechanism should not be about constantly distracting your productivity, but it should help you relieve some of your distress.

Reward yourself with the soul-restoring bliss of doing nothing. The sure sign that you’re doing nothing is the tranquillity of your breath. As long as you remain still in your calm breath, you’re doing just fine. Sort out activities that will bring you a peace of mind. The ones that remind and navigate you not only from a productivity perspective but also from a human perspective.

Secure and defend yourself. In the age of coronavirus uncertainty is driving us all mad. Fear of the unknown is ubiquitous. We all long for the end of the pandemic. Be steadfast in your belief that you can cope with fear and uncertainty. Consider it a good thing that you are not in denial, and that you are allowing yourself to work through the anxiety.

Cut out toxic people and/or any potential danger that could harm your sanity, including fake news and irritating people that could damage your morale and performance. Make peace within yourself – let go of all of the profoundly daft ideas you have about what you should be doing right now. Instead, focus intensely on your physical and psychological security.

Last but not least, embrace the new normal. Now is a great time to focus on your own wellbeing. Get prepared physically and emotionally for this disaster to continue for years with a slow recovery. Stay sharp and always be mindful. No one knows for certain if the pandemic ends sooner, but if it does, be tremendously grateful. Meanwhile, to give a sense of security, sanitise your hands and mind as frequently as you possibly can.

Asyariefah R.A.

Asyariefah R.A.

Born into a nature-loving family, Asyariefah enjoys the outdoors. Now! Jakarta provides her favourite collection of narratives with a sense of helping establish her identity. Some of her key areas of expertise include human interest, arts & culture, travel and features.