Embracing the “New Normal”: Are you?

Many people are being urged to secure themselves while maintaining their productivity at home during the pandemic. But is it necessary to be productive during lockdown? The virus outbreak has affected all aspects of life resulting a tremendous fear, and now it’s leading to a breakdown in knowledge and certainty. We don’t know much about

COVID-19: Wellbeing Management

While we are securing ourselves at home wringing our hands like squeegee mops, let’s get on the path to self-actualisation. Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA After rationalising what it means to endure global catastrophes like coronavirus pandemic followed by a scramble of pandemic-inspired productivities, here are five ways to ease your coronavirus angst. Peddling through coronavirus-inspired productivities will not

Eid al-Fitr amid COVID-19 Crisis and Indonesia’s Healthcare Transformation

With the help of advances in technology, telemedicine is enabling people-driven health, thus improving healthcare outcomes as well as the system. Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA The holy month of Ramadan has come to an end. Eid al-Fitr starts with the sighting of the new crescent moon bringing the end of the blessed month of Ramadan and the onset of the

Remodelling Your Home Using Recycled Items

Reuse, refurbish and recycle – these are three key drivers to keep sustainability in mind while redecorating your existing home. NOW!JAKARTA Try to stay eco-friendly as much as possible as you decorate your house. Small remodelling home projects can freshen up your interior designs and furniture while remaining sustainable with recycled materials, thus giving it

Liquid Bliss from the Bees

Introducing BeeMa Honey, a honey producer focused on producing pure, natural and sustainable organic raw honey! Photos courtesy of Beema Honey/NOWJAKARTA Among the most in-demand superfoods during this global pandemic is honey. In addition to being a natural remedy to relieve pain, the World Health Organization claimed that honey helps reduce skin inflammation and relieve

Work Up a Sweat Without Leaving Your Flat

In times of challenge like the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is concerned about going out, especially to the gym. So, how do you set up an effective home workout? What do you do if you don’t have much space or equipment? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back (and body)! It is not impossible to stay active

Sustainable Décor in Your Bedroom

If waste upsets you, what about converting those broken pieces into some unique bedroom decorating things? Sharpen your creativity and adopt the natural path to be environmentally friendly by giving your bedroom a unique touch with recycled materials. Today, recycling is way more relevant than ever. It’s not just living environmentally friendly by reusing resources,

COVID-19: Tracking the Indonesian’s Consumer’s Perception

As the Covid-19 pandemic worsens every aspect of life of  global citizens, consumers’ outlook has changed accordingly. Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA Calm Before the Storm Pre-pandemic, the Conference Board® Global Consumer Confidence™ Survey in collaboration with Nielsen, a global measurement and data analytics company, unveiled that Indonesia’s Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) was rather stable at 125 in the first

Indonesia: Consumption Habits Amidst COVID-19

To stay well and safe in times of a pandemic, Indonesians are doing whatever it takes including changing the way they shop. Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA Shopping and cooking trends have undeniably been impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. Behavioural shifts amongst Indonesians are likely to change permanently during these times, as they grapple with uncertainty about the impact

Making Sense of Meditation and Why You Should Do It

While many people consider meditation as a way to reduce stress, depression and anxiety, it has, in fact, offers many more. Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA Meditation is about getting a healthy sense of perspective, a process of training your mind in awareness. Oftentimes, many people benefit the practice of meditation as a psychotherapeutic technique for depression, anxiety, stress

COVID-19 Counselling Centres in and around Indonesia  

As the Covid-19 outbreak has been rapidly transmitted throughout Indonesia, so it is for the impacts on people suffering from mental health issues. Photo by christopher lemercier on Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA As the Covid-19 outbreak has been rapidly transmitted throughout Indonesia, so it is for the impacts on people suffering from mental health issues. To aid you and your communities during

Staying Well and Sane during COVID-19 Crisis 

While in lockdown and self-isolation, mental health could suffer and reach alarming levels if not kept in check. Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA The outbreak of the Covid-19 is creating stress for the global population – physically and mentally. While in lockdown and self-isolation, mental health could suffer and reach alarming levels if not kept in check, a World

Same Skies: Connecting Urban Refugees Without Borders

Same Skies provides services, resources and asylum to refugees. Photos courtesy of Same Skies/NOWJAKARTA Same Skies is a non-religious, politically neutral non-profit organisation whose mission lies in its namesake. Registered in Switzerland (2014), Australia (2016), Malaysia (2017) and Indonesia (2017), the foundation honours the resilience, capacity and skills of refuges and asylum seekers. NOW! Jakarta talked

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