Reuse, refurbish and recycle – these are three key drivers to keep sustainability in mind while redecorating your existing home. NOW!JAKARTA

Try to stay eco-friendly as much as possible as you decorate your house. Small remodelling home projects can freshen up your interior designs and furniture while remaining sustainable with recycled materials, thus giving it a lively innovative look and atmosphere.

Reuse, refurbish and recycle – these are three key drivers to keep sustainability in mind while redecorating your existing home. A lot of things that you discard can be turned into decoration. Seek out items containing recycled pieces or made from sustainable materials that are suitable to reuse waste materials, refurbish and remodel your house.

Empty Glass Bottles and Jars

It would bea pity to throw away your old glass bottles and jars. Reusing old jars and empty bottles can be a simple way of creating a brand-new light feature for your house. Clean them all instead and make a constellation out of them if you fancy new lights. You could adopt one to make an eye-catching light fitting on the ceiling, or remodel your side tables by adding a new lighting feature on it. Different coloured bottles can produce charming effects.

If you love flowers, simply reuse glass bottles and jars as vases or plant pots. Remove all the labels on them  and decorate it with garden paint. according to your taste. Again, don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow.

If you fancy candles and love to unwind, , take a warm bubble bath using candlelights, or have a terrace and want to add some attractive accents, then use your empty jars and turn them into candle holders. Sharpen your creativity as well by filling them up with coloured sand or small pebbles to make them look more artsy and put a candle in it. 

Vintage Materials

You can never go wrong decorating with vintage records! They are nostalgic and very easy to be used in both modern and vintage décor. Turning them into magazine racks, place mats or just ceiling decorations are a perfect way to give your house a unique touch while keeping sustainable life in mind.

Furniture can be accented with vinyl records. Vinyl on the ceilings and walls is one of the easiest decorations. Just take some of your favourite ones and glue them. Alternatively, the sides of a bookshelf can be covered with vinyl records or their album covers, making statement pieces in the room.

You can also use the vinyl records to create a mobile decorative element fixed to the doors to create an alluring sound and attractive effect. Hang a few vinyl records (5 to 10) with the help of some string and enjoy the results. In addition to being nostalgic, these items add warm character to your retro room. Try mixing the round records with the square album covers for a spatial juxtaposition. 

Old Rackets

Recycled materials such as old tennis rackets can also be used to decorate a wall. Give a special touch to the walls of your house and use some old rackets that you no longer use. Clean them up and give them a coat of varnish. Remove the strings and replace them with mirror to accentuate the room. You might find it a bit difficult to work on the hole, so that the mirror fits perfectly. But once it’s done, you can bid goodbye to your old, long-forgotten objects and enjoy a fantastic vintage look with mirrors on the wall.

Photo Frames

As for photo frames, they might not always give you the best gift or match your personal taste , yet don’t throw them away! Remodel the frame by removing the glass, the backs and the inside and create an edgy and chic style of spaces on the wall, playing with colours and shapes. Put some new pictures of yourself with your friends, loved ones or your favourite idols, or even, write some cool and inspirational quotes inside it. Play around with different styles, colours, and shapes to create a collage or mosaic on your walls to make them look more personal and eclectic.

Asyariefah R.A.

Asyariefah R.A.

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