How to Battle Fake News Amid the Crisis of COVID-19

If the first of April is the April Fools Day, the second is the day for “Facts”. Today, the world celebrated the International Fact-Checking Day, and here’s what you can expect. Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA The International Fact-Checking Day was initiated on June 2014 – in political years. The idea was a light-hearted way to call attention to

The Virtue of Being Sustainable in Tourism

Sustainable tourism is important for both businesses and the environment. Photos courtesy of Tourism is, without doubt, the fastest growing form of leisure in the twenty-first century, and Indonesia is one of the world’s most exotic destinations. However, what happens when the movement has become ‘too fast’? Negative effects on the environment are inherent

Protection and Prevention of the COVID-19 for Kuwait Citizens in Indonesia

The Embassy of Kuwait in Indonesia through its Chargé d'affaires Abdulwahab Alsenan is restricting travel from and to the State of Kuwait. Photo courtesy of Embassy of Kuwait in Jakarta/NOWJAKARTA In support of preventing the spread of Covid-19 outbreak, the Kuwait government in Indonesia through its Chargé d'affaires Abdulwahab Alsenan is restricting travel from and to

Artsy Sippin’ at Ritz Carlton

Paint & Sip! programme at Pasola Restaurant & Lounge was definitely not a typical art class, but it was more of a painting party – thanks to a waitress traveling from easel to easel taking drink orders. Photos courtesy of The Ritz Carlton Pacific Place/NOWJAKARTA Paint and sip have become a sky-rocketing business over the past decade.

Mazeru: Big Easy Eating on a Hot Plate

Mazeru Indonesia gives you the experience of mixing in anything you want to eat on a hot plate safely and easily. Photos courtesy of KULO Group/NOWJAKARTA What’s trending in restaurants around the globe if not cooking on a hot plate? Brought to you by Mazeru Indonesia, this restaurant gives you the experience of mixing in anything

Jakarta’s Amazingly Designed Hotels

Hotel Indonesia Kempinksi has secured its position as an important architectural landmark and cultural heritage in the centre of the capital. Photo courtesy of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski/NOWJAKARTA It’s easy to find amazing designed-led hotels in and around Jakarta with artistically modern and spacious rooms, lobbies and lounges. Here’s a list of our favourites. Any respectable hotel

Let’s Meat Up at Senopati Beef Up Fest!

Kitchen by MINQ’s Seared beef roll and Szechuan fried beef. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA Organised by the Australian red meat industry, better known as Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), Senopati Beef Up Fest features a fresh-from-the-field meat and takes place at Senopati’s 10 best restaurants from March to April. This one-month event highlights the restaurant’s signature

AMUZ: French Fine Dining Revisited

Led by Chef Gilles Marx, a seasoned chef in French cuisine, AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant offers guests a remarkable fine dining experience. Photos by Rintang Azhar/NOWJAKARTA Having been around for 10+ years, AMUZ has breathed new life into Jakarta’s understated dining scene with its fresh look and revamped menu. Heavily inspired by modern French style with contemporary Asian

Feminism in Indonesian History

Dewi Sartika, Lasminingrat and Emma Poeradiredja were the faces of feminism in West Java history. Photos courtesy of The Lodge Foundation/NOWJAKARTA Wanodja Soenda, a monologue about the history of women’s activisms in West Java, will help us understand how it influenced the outcome of democratisation for women in the country. The existence of Indonesian women during

Dine in the Sky at Crowne Plaza Bandung

Crowne Plaza Bandung’s Infinite Lounge and Resto is designed with a revolving dining room that allows for 360-degree views of the city. Photos courtesy of  Crowne Plaza Bandung/NOWJAKARTA Amethyst meeting room and Infinite Lounge and Resto lay claim to the highest restaurant in Bandung. In the age of travel and tourism, the restaurant scene is more

Gunpowder: A Crazy Twist on Traditional Indian Cuisine

Led by Chef Manjunath Mural, Gunpowder Kitchen & Bar is geared with mission to bring you a culinary journey of unapologetically inauthentic Indian dishes and cocktails full of vibrant colors and flavors. Photos courtesy of Gunpowder Kitchen & Bar/NOWJAKARTA The restaurant has recently celebrated its grand opening party “Once Upon A Time in Bollywood” with an

Starbucks Launches Community Store in Indonesia

With an area of more than 250sqm, the Tanah Abang Community Store will be designed not only as a coffee shop, but it will also house rooms for workshop and classes. Photo courtesy of Starbucks/NOWJAKARTA As part of the company’s expanded community programme, which has started off in the U.S., Starbucks Indonesia has officially opened its first community store

Melandas to Launch ‘Home Harmony’ in 2020

Melandas is really committed to serving premium international-designed furniture to the Indonesian market. Photos couretsy of Melandas/NOWJAKARTA Having been established for over 20 years, Melandas returns with its 2020 calendar edition carrying new exciting concepts and programmes namely ‘Home Harmony”. The company uses modern design to connect people with their lives, work and world, delivering a variety

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