Artsy Sippin’ at Ritz Carlton
Paint & Sip! programme at Pasola Restaurant & Lounge was definitely not a typical art class, but it was more of a painting party – thanks to a waitress traveling from easel to easel taking drink orders. Photos courtesy of The Ritz Carlton Pacific Place/NOWJAKARTA

Paint and sip have become a sky-rocketing business over the past decade. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, most of the programmes usually serve a canvas and paints to participants along with an example of art images that they can use as inspiration for their own work. As for the sip part, you are very likely to enjoy a dining experience featuring a selection of F&B delicacies offered by participating restaurants. 

Has it been a while since you have thrown paints and brushes on a canvas? Try “Paint & Sip!” at PASOLA Restaurant & Lounge. Conveniently located at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, this programme will not only provide you an expansive bank of windows overlooking the busy streets of South Jakarta, but it also treats you with a dynamic, vibrant and refined ambience while showing off your creativity through arts and enjoying various selections of exquisite dishes and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. 

“Let’s start by making a vibrant green background; take yellow and a little portion of blue paint, then mix them together with your brush”, said an illustrator from Bartega, the pioneer of paint and sip event management company in Indonesia. 

Artsy Sippin’ at Ritz Carlton
Participants and their art masterpieces; some painted on canvas and tote bags

It was definitely not a typical art class, but it was more of a painting party – thanks to a waitress traveling from easel to easel taking drink orders. At PASOLA Restaurant & Lounge, nearly all the participants enjoyed sipping chardonnay or red wine, some munching on Roasted Salak Chocolate Cake. The others pampered restaurant signatures such as Beef Paru Perkedel, better known as potato patties, and Tuna with Gohu Sambal in Tacos served in Javanese black rice. 

Painting is too personal an experience. The artists may put their souls and personality into their work. “[And] this is not a competition, so no one will judge you. Chill and take your time”, as the illustrator continued guiding us on how to paint a toucan. 

Artsy Sippin’ at Ritz Carlton
Media colleagues in and around Jakarta took part in the Artsy Afternoon featuring painting class and signature tasting at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place

Some people view a painting party as a fun alternative for releasing stress and anxiety while enjoying signature cocktails and cuisines. However, it is also interesting that some might find it “stressful” – because if you struggle with perfectionism, you might find it hard to draw a solid line or use a mix paint. 

Stressing out over art and drawing is something that will inevitably happen if you are a perfectionist, as you are constantly striving to improve, looking at a certain end destination and comparing yourself too much to other people. As for me, surprisingly, going out and drinking is indeed fun, but doing something else while drinking is even more fun! 

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