Jakarta’s Amazingly Designed Hotels

Hotel Indonesia Kempinksi has secured its position as an important architectural landmark and cultural heritage in the centre of the capital. Photo courtesy of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski/NOWJAKARTA It’s easy to find amazing designed-led hotels in and around Jakarta with artistically modern and spacious rooms, lobbies and lounges. Here’s a list of our favourites. Any respectable hotel

Asyariefah R.A.

High-End Vertical Living: A List of Top Apartments in Jakarta

Frasers Place Setiabudi offers full-furnished apartments in Jakarta's Golden Triangle area. Photo courtesy of Frasers Place Setiabudi/NOWJAKARTA Apartment living is on the rise and is set to play a big part in Jakarta’s housing future. Before choosing yours, here are some of our favourite luxury apartments that you may want to consider. Frasers Place Setiabudi Located

Pre-Fab Home. Are They Fab for You?

Mega-cities such as Jakarta will benefit the most from pre-fabs given its high rates of population growth and urbanization. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.com/NOWJAKARTA The idea of a pre-fab home has for decades been looked upon as déclassé for being cheap, too simple and lacking in style. Now, efficient yet stylish describe the current wave of

The Home of Future Design

At Mantra Environmentally Sustainable Design, specialists have started cataloguing solutions and guidelines, and they have invested into an array of software and tools available to help with decision making. Photo courtesy of Eco Mantra/NOWJAKARTA Mantra realised the art of conscious designing amidst a world desperately in need of change. Cities are usually warmer than the rural

A More Ethical Architecture

In early 2020, a total of 105 architecture students gathered to show the commitment to transforming local architecture tradition to become more ethical and sustainable. Photos by Rintang Azhar/NOWJAKARTA With the rapid growth of crowded urban facade and unjustified land conversion, architecture is not only the science of making a well-design and futuristic building but

Architecture and Sustainability

In the MVB Buildings and Circular Economy Seminar in 2019 there was also an excellent presentation by Vibeka Grupe Larsen from the Danish Association of Architects outlining and recommending ways in which architecture can positively assist the search for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. In this synopsis and commentary by MVB Chairman Alistair Speirs, all

A Dream of A Green Home: Get to Know Green Building Council Indonesia

Founded in 2009, GBC Indonesia engaged a list of partners, starting from big companies before stepping their commitment to transforming the household. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA As an independent organisation, the Green Building Council (GBC) Indonesia takes civic responsibility in transforming the landscape of architecture in commercial and residential buildings in the country to become more

The Never-Ending Pursuit of Aesthetics

The obsession started ever since humans learned how to build something for themselves—maybe longer. But what makes it such an integral part of our lives? What defines aesthetics? Aesthetics links many things. Technological development, design, architecture, art, music and engineering, to name a few. Thus, it is a connecting as well as separating element between

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