Saturday Chinese Brunch at Raffles Jakarta

Photo Courtesy of Arts Café/NOWJAKARTA Don’t miss this latest F&B offering at Arts Café, crafted personally by award-winning Chef Maria Wang. Visit Arts Café at Raffles Jakarta on Saturdays and you can enjoy the new Saturday Chinese Brunch, a new programme started since 31 August, presenting a dining experience that is quintessentially Chinese under the curation of Arts

Ambrosia Private Club Signs Mandif Warokka

Ambrosia Private Club signs Mandif Warokka for a special dining event. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA Ambrosia Private Club welcomed new Chef du Patron, Mandif Warokka with an exclusive, two-night dining event for both members and non-members. As part of its consistent effort to pamper members with deliciousness, Ambrosia Private Club flew in a renowned celebrity

Savouring Sweet Treats During Jakarta Dessert Week

From 7 to 20 October, dessert aficionados can discover several restaurants and cafés for sweet treats created in celebration of Jakarta Dessert Week. Created by a group of culinary and marketing practitioners, Talita Setyadi (Pastry Chef and Owner of Beau Bakery), Arimbi Nimpuno (Lifestyle Guru of Arimbi Kitchen), Kevindra Soemantri (Culinary Author and Food Managing

Your Taste Buds and You

We don’t need food to stay alive. That is, biologically speaking, our body does not need an endless variety of food to survive. We merely need sustenance. The fact is, eating the same serving of food plus water for the rest of our lives won’t kill us. We don’t need our food to have pleasantly

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