Endah Laras: Queen of Keroncong

With keroncong, Endah Laras helps introducing Indonesian traditional music and arts to the world. Personal Files/NOWJAKARTA Multi-talented keroncong singer, Endah Laras, penetrated local and international stages armed with Javanese traditional arts and culture. Endah Laras stole the attention of Indonesian music lovers with her melodious voice and skills in playing ukulele. Her appearance is very Javanese, as if

Sari Widiati

Music in Education

Arts programmes in Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) supports and improve their students talent and hobby. Photo courtesy of @jakartainterculturalschool/NOWJAKARTA While music is undoubtedly a part of adolescent life in Jakarta, should it be a part of formal education in international schools? NOW! Jakarta editorial intern and model student at JIS, Victoria Budiono explores the subject

Northern Soul Dances into Jakarta’s Music Scene

Northern soul (NS) refers to the dance styles and fashions popular in northern England that stemmed from the USA’s ‘Motown’ rhythm and soul music in the 1960s. Photo Courtesy of Dimust Utomo, Farhan Ali, Jakarta Reggae & Soul Club/NOWJAKARTA Although not all that well known here yet, the music and dance of ‘northern soul’ is

The Sounds of Indonesian Contemporary Classic

Opera Gandari. Courtesy of Yayasan Rumah Musik Indonesia/NOWJAKARTA The first edition of contemporary music festival MUSIKINI aims to advance the industry and local talent through innovation of sounds and performance. In the last few years, celebrated Indonesian composer and avant-garde figure Tony Prabowo has collaborated with Indonesian creative minds to envision the future of contemporary

When Rocks and Gamelan Collide

Photo Courtesy of Khayalan and the Master Project, Erasmus Huis/NOWJAKARTA NOW! Jakarta sat down with Paris-born singer Philippe Vezard and Indonesian bassist Damar to hear more about Khayalan and the Master Project, a cross-cultural rock band on a mission to inspire the world through a cultural exchange of music, What got you into the music industry? Damar: It all began with

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