Selatan Encourages Green Living

Food sustainability  has become increasingly importance as ecological concerns loom large. NOW! Jakarta recently met Kartika Jahja, owner of the environmentally friendly restaurant Selatan to talk about this issue in depth and how the restaurant helps to empower a green lifestyle. Selatan Empowers Green Lifestyle through Healthy Food. Photo by Rintang Azhar/NOW!JAKARTA You have been recognised

Asyariefah R.A.

A Slice of Conservation at Panda House by WWF Indonesia

We do not need to be part of a traditional community, in the physical sense, to affect change, especially in regards to healthy lifestyle and protection of cultural tradition. We just need to choose the right food that can help protect biodiversity and maintain the value and cultural identity of food sources. Panda House showcases

Sustainable Food Systems for Better Living

Capitalism now appears to be at its peak in the natural evolution of the global economy. The question it raises, however, is “is capitalism sustainable”? This question ultimately must be addressed by everyone. Is capitalism to blame for the ecological crisis? And to what degree can we be motivated toward a more sustainable food system?

Tortured Brew : The Truth Behind Luwak Coffee

Civet cats are considered one of the world’s endangered species living in the tropical rain forests throughout Asia and Africa. Sadly, these mammals are used for coffee and fur. The small, mongoose-like nocturnal mammals are the main victims in history for the world’s most expensive cruel coffee. There is no absolute way to tell whether

Revo’s Culinary Journey is Ready for Take off

“Cooking to me has always been an amazing conduit to convey thoughts and emotions through edible pieces of art,” Chef Revo says. Over the years, Chef Revo has prepared meals for Ambassadors, many of the city’s influential personalities and for corporate galas. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA We’re seated in the plush confines of one of Jakarta’s fine dining

Amed Sea Salt Honours Local Farmers

Salt is decidedly that one ingredient every cuisine in the word relies on to “elevate” a dish to a particular level or enhance its taste. Amed sea salt is one of authentic salt made by Indonesian farmers. NOW!JAKARTA With increased focus on the preparation of food, it appears more cooks – both in the home and in

Raw Honey, Nature’s Golden Healer

The beneficial effects of honey on human health have long been recognized. Today, many of those positive effects have been studied to elucidate its mode of action and highlight it as an appealing alternative to medicine. Learn how you can improve your family’s health, and how to ensure you’re buying from trusted sustainable beekeepers. Raw

Sambal, an Integral Part of the Indonesian Palate

Sambal, loosely translated to English is a chilli-based ‘relish’ is an integral part of the Indonesian palate. Home to more than 300 ethnic groups, or 1,340 tribes, Indonesia features a range of cuisine — including varieties of sambal. At least there are 322 types of sambal across Indonesia, 257 of them are used in various

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