Guide to the Galaxy, Jakarta’s Music and Nightlife Scene

Like our Galaxy, Jakarta is at once filled with exhilarating beauty and things that can end your existence. Take note, for knowledge is key to survival. As metropolitan city, Jakarta's nightlifes combines 24-hours bar and musical performance. NOW!JAKARTA Night Life Jakarta literally never sleeps. No, I do not mean figuratively. The Colloseum may only be

Irish Bagpipes Find a Following in Indonesia

For most musicians, it takes years, if not decades, of training to master an instrument. For Rivelino, it has taken a mere three. The self-described part time musician and full-time accountant, who taught himself to play the Irish Uilleann Bagpipes, is all set to travel to the Emerald Isle this winter. While there, he set to

Stars and Rabbit, an Indie Duo Who Make Whispers Overseas

Indonesian folk-pop duo Stars and Rabbit first emerged on the local music scene in 2011. Singer-songwriter Elda Suryani and arranger Adi Widodo, both hailing from Yogyakarta, complement each other perfectly: in their enthralling songs, Elda’s distinctive vocals—sometimes bordering on the eccentric—are accompanied by the soothing sound of Adi’s guitar. Stars and Rabbits on their tour

Shelly Gautama on Playing the Bagpipes in Asia

Shelly Gautama took to the bagpipes not long after she moved to Melbourne for boarding school. Since then she has performed internationally. NOW! Jakarta caught up with her to find out more. Shelly Gautama falls in love with bagpipes since she was young. Shelly Gautama's File/NOW!JAKARTA Do you come from a music-focused family? I am

The Story of the Hip-Hop Artist NAYAKA

Ariel Nayaka, 24, is one of Indonesia’s rising hip-hop stars, charting out the future of this genre in the Indonesia’s capital. He endorses the pursuit of passion with positive thinking and community building. Ariel Nayaka performed at Noice Fest 2017. Photo by Achmad Soni/Flicker/NOW!JAKARTA Why hip-hop? I grew up with music and have been drawn to

Batutara Percussion in Promoting Environmental Sustainability Through Music

When Batutara Percussion comes on stage, the Jakarta-based  band often catches the  attention of the audience for their unique instruments. Using second-hand items, the band’s music is truly refreshing, a blend of modern music with folk traditions. Deeper, it carries a mission of sustainable living through sound. Batutara has been carrying the mission about sustainable

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