Legendary Love Stories

The world is full of love stories that feed our emotions. Whether or not it’s real, fictional, mythological or modern, we long for stories that make us smile, cry or secretly make us feel alive. As these stories will show, times may have changed, but the power of love remains.  The Feigned death of Juliet

Sari Widiati

Finding Romance in Jakarta

Most headlines about Jakarta may have to do with problems regarding urban development, which includes but is not limited to traffic congestion and city planning. Little do people know, despite its reputation as a messy, concrete jungle, the capital does have some romantic spots, albeit rather ones that are off the beaten track. Taman Prasasti

Spreading the Love on Valentine’s Day

Ever since Hallmark started selling their first Valentine’s Day cards in 1913, the day of love and romance has become a highly commercial affair that many have come to loathe. However, the initial idea of Valentine’s Day – showing affection to the ones we love – shouldn’t be mocked. On the contrary, we could all

The Story of Happy Ending Long Distance Relationship

Absence makes the heart grow fonder – but when you are in a long-distance relationship, physical separation can also lead to emotional disconnection and eventually grow into frustration. Long distance relationship is indeed hard but it could have a happy ending with much bigger love between a couple. Photo courtesy of Pexels/NOW!JAKARTA Many couples have

The Soundtrack of my (Love) Life

Music can evoke the full range of human emotions: from happy to sad, from nostalgic to cheerful and from tense to relaxed. Certain songs remind us of special moments, and they help us travel back in time to remember a person, a feeling or a memorable event. What's your love playlist? Photo courtesy of Pexels/NOW!JAKARTA

The Beauty of Poetry

Some say that poetry is the most difficult form of writing: to express one’s thoughts and feelings in a minimum amount of words can definitely present a challenge. A poem is also a window into the writers’ soul and leaves them vulnerable. Photo courtesy of Nikolay Frolochkin/Pixabay/NOW!JAKARTA Many poets over the centuries have written about

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