Meet Indonesia’s Creative Souls

When it comes to art and creativity, Indonesia is a real treasure trove. Meet some of these inspiring, creative souls who have left a lasting impression in their respective genres – and will hopefully continue to do so. Rizal Iwan THEATRE Indonesian actor Rizal Iwan is a rising force in the local performance arts, who

John Paul

Presenting Art and Design in Digital Form

To many people, the idea of having artworks usually comes after architecture and interior design, with art being seen as an accentuating variable. It is quite rare, at least in Indonesia, where art is treated the other way. This was the notion that inspired Deborah Iskandar, one of Indonesia’s finest art experts, to create a

An Extraordinary Ballet Gala

Diffability – derived from the words ‘differently able’ – is a concept that not only acknowledges but celebrates the fact that people with special needs, marked as ‘dis-abled’ often have extraordinary abilities. Globally, diffable people make up to 15% of the world population, 82% of which live in developing countries like Indonesia. Here, people with

La Pavana Comes to Bandung

There are many theories regarding the origin of the slow processional dance of 16th- and 17th-century Europe, the Pavane. Typically, the debate sways between Spanish (pavón) or Italian (derived from a town or dialect in Padova) roots. Perhaps the most interesting is one which suggests that it was introduced into the Spanish courts by the

From Bollywood to Jakarta for Love and Art

Magic happens to people who don’t give up. For upcoming artist Priyanka Bhattacharya, this famous quote came to life when her artworks were picked to be showcased at the recently culminated Art Jakarta 2017. “Even though my love affair with canvas started when my father gifted me my first set of crayons, I drifted away

Meeting A Young Hazara Artist In Jakarta

“When no one listens to you, you are forced to change your language. Art is my language. It gave me the voice that I was denied. Though it is silent, I feel it is very powerful.” Farahnaz Salehi I met a young Hazara artist on a rainy night. It was 12 o’clock midnight, outside was pitch

The Remarkable World of Harry Darsono

Harry Darsono, designer extraordinaire and philanthropist at heart, reveals a glimpse into his life and work during a remarkable tour of the Harry Darsono Museum. It is easy to spot the Harry Darsono museum in Cilandak, South Jakarta – its grandeur and baroque style makes it stand out from the other buildings in the neighborhood.

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