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Technology evolves so rapidly – blink and you’ll miss the latest updates. Almost everyone uses a smartphone based on operating systems Android, iOS or Windows these days, but only two decades ago, this would have been unimaginable to most of us.  We also can’t imagine what life looked like before the Internet that allows us

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The Impact of Open Data

Established and run by the World Wide Web Foundation, the Open Data Lab Jakarta engages with a wide range of partners in the region to build a solid research, innovation and advocacy platform and test ideas on the ground in order to achieve social impact through the use of open data. NOW! Jakarta spoke to Arthur Glenn

Indonesia’s Online Encyclopedia

Ivonne Kristiani, Deputy Chair of Wikimedia Indonesia, talks to NOW! Jakarta about the huge potential and obstacles that the local version of the online encyclopedia faces. Tell us more about Wikipedia Indonesia and how it compares to other Wikipedia sites in the region but also worldwide? The Indonesian version of Wikipedia first started in 2003

How to Tackle Digital Violence Against Women

Violence against women in any form is still a major issue in many countries, including Indonesia. In the digital era, where the communication and information channels are wide open, a new series of problems, including violence in cyberspace, has emerged.  Photo courtesy of Hollaback! Jakarta Indonesia is in the top ten list of the world’s biggest

To IPO or ICO? That is the Question!

You are probably familiar with IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) that inaugurate a company’s shares on a particular stock market/bourse. The offering must be fully commissioned by the company and established as fully compliant through due diligence procedures and other regulatory hurdles. After the IPO, any funds raised are then used to expand the company in

A New Approach to Solving the World’s Biggest Problems

Cleantech Finland’s new SOLVED digital expert service has been designed to help solve problems and provide solutions for the biggest challenges facing today’s world – by leveraging Finnish expertise and international cooperation via a new online platform. The aim is to make the service the best in the cleantech field. Photo courtesy of Invest in

Why Older is Sometimes Better PART I : Communication & Literacy

It is undeniable that we have come a long way with modern technology, which has, in many ways, made life easier. At the same time, it feels like we are moving at lightning speed and everything is fleeting. Looking at the past and comparing it with the present can sometimes really put things into perspective.

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