Cleantech Finland’s new SOLVED digital expert service has been designed to help solve problems and provide solutions for the biggest challenges facing today’s world – by leveraging Finnish expertise and international cooperation via a new online platform. The aim is to make the service the best in the cleantech field.

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Climate change and the depletion of the planet’s natural resources are the two main problems that the world is facing today,” says Ville Niinistö, the Finnish Minister of the Environment and one of the experts involved in Cleantech Finland’s new SOLVED service.

“Global challenges like these need global answers; and SOLVED represents an innovative approach to doing just this and finding green solutions for building an ecologically sustainable society.”

Launched and coordinated by Cleantech Finland, the SOLVED expert service has been designed to harness Finnish problem-solving capabilities and technology expertise and bring together companies, partner organisations, and customers worldwide via an online community – to solve problems in new ways and provide new types of solutions.

The SOLVED service, which is open to everyone interested in sustainability-related issues, is intended to provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions, discuss issues, and network with leading cleantech experts, which currently number more than a hundred.

In addition to acting as a discussion forum on the latest challenges and solutions, the SOLVED site features news and blog postings, as well as updates on major cleantech events, many of which involve one or more of SOLVED’s experts.

Getting as many people involved as possible

Experts drawn from the Cleantech Finland network will play a key role in the SOLVED service, by contributing their take on how problems can be solved, providing access to useful information and contacts, and helping stimulate discussion.

Juha Vanhanen, Managing Director of the Gaia Group, is typical of the expertise that SOLVED can make available to users of the service.

Vanhanen is an expert on clean energy technologies and very familiar with renewable energy sources, combined heat and power systems, and decentralised energy; while Gaia is a leading facilitator of innovative sustainabilityrelated solutions for companies, international organisations, and private and public institutions.

“We need holistic and future-oriented strategic perspectives to create truly sustainable energy systems,” says Juha Vanhanen, “and the SOLVED platform offers an excellent forum for people to interact with top experts to help drive this development.”

By bringing together experts in this way and focusing on new ways of cooperating and doing things more efficiently and more sustainably, those behind the SOLVED service believe that it has a lot to offer.

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