Belanda Depok: The History of the ‘Depok Dutch’ 

‘Belanda Depok’ was once a pejorative, or mocking name, given to the old communities of Depok, a region found between Jakarta and Bogor, now best known as the home of The University of Indonesia. The origin of this term, meaning ‘Depok Dutch’, spans back to the early days of the Dutch colonisation of Indonesia and is an

Buumi Playscape: Learning Through Play

Currently open at two locations in Jakarta, Buumi Playscape offers experiential and interactive experiences where young children are invited to learn through play. Children may not understand the importance of their playtime, all they know is that they’re having fun! In fact, play is exploration, especially amongst young children who are led by their unquenchable

Jakarta’s Bulk Stores, A Battle for Survival

In 2018, bulk stores began to mushroom across the city, many established by young, hopeful entrepreneurs. With a growing awareness of plastic pollution, and a collective mission to reduce single-use plastic products (grocery bags, straws, sachets, product packaging), bulk stores seemed to be the perfect business trend, set to ride the swell of this new

Tumpeng Philosophy (and why we’ve been doing it all wrong)

Nasi tumpeng is iconic when it comes to Indonesia’s traditional celebratory cuisine. It has come to represent Indonesian culture and way of life through its variety of ingredients, colours, shape and its ‘serving’ tradition. Seen at birthdays, anniversaries, business openings, weddings, it is ubiquitous with celebration, but despite how commonplace it is, it turns out


Meet Charles Toto: The Jungle Chef

“The forest, for Papuan people, is a market where they can get their daily needs such as vegetables and side dishes, all for free.” – Charles Toto Compared to other large islands in Indonesia, Papua’s forest cover figure is the largest. The area reaches 34,4 million hectares or around 82% of the area of Papua.

Discovering Indonesia Through ‘Ruang Imersifa’

The newest attraction at the National Museum of Indonesia, Ruang Imserfia (the immersive room) invites visitors to enter and interact with a vibrant, 360-degree, audio-visual experience of Indonesia’s history and cultural heritage. Found on the Ground Floor of Gedung A in the National Museum of Indonesia (Museum Nasional), Ruang Imersifa is a 12 by 21

Sunda Kelapa and the Birth of Jakarta

All data and history point to the area of Kota, on the west bank of the Ciliwung River approximately eight hundred meters south of the Pasar Ikan. There, the seeds were planted that developed into the metropolitan city of Jakarta Raya, one might say the birth of Jakarta, a city which is now home to

Preserving Jakarta’s Mangroves

Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN) and the Jakarta Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA Jakarta) extended an invitation to journalists to participate in a mangrove tree planting event at the Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve (MAWR). This activity served the dual purpose of highlighting the significance of protecting Jakarta’s mangrove forests, which face increasing pressure due to

Nujumata: String Art’s Silent Expressions

String art has evolved beyond a mere craft into a captivating art form, where colourful threads are meticulously arranged using mathematical, particularly geometric, calculations. This artistic technique has found its way into the world of art, creating captivating abstract images. The Silent & Loud exhibition by Nujumata showcases the artist’s exceptional skill and creativity in

Atria Hotel Magelang: Honouring Javanese Hospitality

Atria Hotel Magelang is a destination that radiates Javanese culture, offering a warm and comfortable stay. It serves as a gateway for travellers to explore the beauty of Magelang. Conveniently located on the main road of the Semarang-Yogyakarta route, amidst the bustling economic cycle and vibrant tourism activities, Atria Hotel Magelang provides amiable and impressive

DEMO Bar & Bistro: A Steampunk-Styled Eatery

Kuningan’s got a new kid on the block! Considered one of the most vibrant hubs in the city, the area welcomes an intriguing dining destination with the opening of DEMO Bar & Bistro. The restaurant welcomes guests into an industrial-inspired space, serving up great drinks, comfort favourites and plenty of entertainment. With its striking rust-panelled

The New Hong Kong Bucket List

Hong Kong is ready to be explored, again! From new attractions to lesser-known outdoor beauty to a brand-new arts and culture district, the city is calling travellers to discover destinations new and old. Once one of the world’s most popular cities, Hong Kong was rocked by the pandemic and soon-after, its protests. This of course

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