Gambang Kromong: Cultural Acculturation in Traditional Betawi Music

A merging of a Javanese and Sundanese gamelan orchestra, Gambang Kromong has a unique sound and distinct timbre. This comes from the various music instruments originating from the acculturation of Indonesian and Chinese traditional music. A synergistic relationship between ethnicities will produce a beautiful harmony in life. That’s the moral that can be taken from

Pekojan: Jakarta’s Historic Arab Village

Pekojan is a historic district or kecamatan in West Jakarta. Considered the city’s original Arab village, it is a prime example of the rich ethnic diversity found in Jakarta and how different communities created their own landmarks and cultural treasures over time. Back when Jakarta was still under Dutch colonial rule, known at the time

Healing through Harps and Harmonies at the Grotto Healing Boutique

A one-of-a-kind holistic healing destination in Jakarta utilises the relaxing sounds of the harp, an instrument of ethereal qualities. Offering a great antidote to the stress and intensity of a city, Grotto Healing Boutique invites patrons to embrace the calming and healing abilities of sound and music. In many classical orchestra performances in Indonesia, the beautiful

New Wildlife Discoveries at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

At Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, the Jagat Satwa Nusantara presents a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the country’s most vibrant and exotic birds, reptiles, freshwater creatures and even insects. The recently revamped space welcomes adds to the attractions worth visiting in east Jakarta. / Photos courtesy of Jagat Satwa

Cultural Imlek Celebrations and Destinations in Jakarta

What is Imlek? This auspicious day, locally known as ‘Imlek’, is enthusiastically celebrated by the majority of the ethnic Chinese community across Indonesia, with festivities spanning from vibrant decorations and culinary delights to cultural traditions. These celebrations draw people from diverse backgrounds, creating an atmosphere of joy and unity.  In Jakarta, the jubilation extends to

Gran Melia Jakarta’s Tien Chao Reopens Serving Authentic Cantonese Food

Showcasing a new look, Gran Melia’s iconic Chinese restaurant Tien Chao welcomes guests to return to experience an exquisite journey through the flavours of authentic Cantonese cuisine, masterfully curated by their new highly skilled Chef hailing from China.  The rejuvenated Tien Chao presents a timeless atmosphere, where selective renovations and furnishings showcase a modern design

Condet: A Surviving Betawi Village Amidst Changing Times

Exploring Condet in East Jakarta will allow you to see the roots of some important history. Condet today is, like other parts of Jakarta, experiencing the erosion of its Betawi identity, while being dense and chaotic, congested, and sadly also prone to flooding. Whereas in the 18th century, Condet was referred to by the Dutch,

Bir Pletok: Betawi’s Distinctive Herbal Drink

Despite the name bir (pronounced: beer), this drink contains no alcohol at all. It’s made from a mixture of spices and the Betawi people consider it a wellness drink, even though it was created under the influence of the Dutch culture of drinking alcohol during the colonial era. Bir Pletok is the star of Betawi

Rode Winkel: The Transformation of Toko Merah

After a long period of closure, Toko Merah is now open with its new name Rode Winkel, providing a vibrant way to stroll through its rich history while savouring good drinks and sumptuous food. Since its construction in 1730, the historic building named Toko Merah has changed ownership several times, from the VOC, Chinese civilians,

Indonesian Jamu Officially Recognised as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

On 6 December 2023, during the 18th Convention Committee of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in Kasane, Botswana, ‘Indonesian Jamu Wellness Culture’ was officially recognised by as one of the world’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. For Indonesia, Jamu is the 13th Intangible Cultural Heritage which was successfully inscribed into UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage list.  The news was

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