Grotto Healing Boutique
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A one-of-a-kind holistic healing destination in Jakarta utilises the relaxing sounds of the harp, an instrument of ethereal qualities. Offering a great antidote to the stress and intensity of a city, Grotto Healing Boutique invites patrons to embrace the calming and healing abilities of sound and music.

In many classical orchestra performances in Indonesia, the beautiful sounds of the harp are played by the immensely talented Maya Hasan. However, outside of music, the prominent Indonesian harpist has long been involved in health and wellbeing, working as a wellness practitioner with her music. Maya believes that music is one of the important therapeutic mediums.

At the end of 2020, Maya founded Grotto, a holistic healing boutique where those with an array of health conditions, be it physical, emotional or mental, can experience the bespoke sound healing experience offered. The Grotto is the culmination of Maya’s long educational journey in the field, having learned through the International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) under Christina Tourin, Quantum Touch, Brainwave Entrainment, and Bioresonance. 

Grotto Healing Boutique

According to Maya, music is like archery and has many arrowheads. So, when it is being used for therapy it’s not just giving an effect for one disease, it can address other issues because it’s not only the body that responds to it but also the emotional and the mental. Particularly the harp, a very special musical instrument for Maya, has such perfect waves that it penetrates the body very quickly, like nanotechnology. 

“The harp was created with the concept of the human body. The unique skeleton shape is like our body and the strings inside are like the organs in our body. Compared to other musical instruments, the harp is said to be perfect for healing because it has a sound character or timbre that is soothing even at its highest notes. The harp is a spectrum, just one strumming note can produce a lot of tones in it. Like a white light that radiates red, orange, and various colours. And playing the harp for performance and healing is different. There are special techniques for healing. And hearing a harp played live is different from hearing from a recording because a recording can’t pick up all the frequencies directly.” Maya shares, revealing the special characteristics of her chosen instrument.

Maya also explained a new understanding of how the body works in accepting musical sounds for healing. Like Albert Einstein once said “Everything in this universe is vibrating”, it turns out that there is a science that studies the sounds of human body cells. Maya said that everything has a frequency, and that frequency is what is vibration. Moreover, every organ and every cell in our body has a sound and it has movement.

Grotto Healing Boutique

“When there is movement there is a frequency and this frequency is energy, and it can be measured. Later, when I learnt bio-resonance, I learnt that sound could fix or rebalance the human body, soul and mind. Anger, depression, anxiety, jealousy, and happiness all have their frequency. When we have a balanced body, mind and spirit, this is our foundation. When they are balanced, our emotions are stable. We have it all. But when our emotions start to fall apart which can lead to disappointment and chaotic feelings, there is mental imbalance” Maya gave an understanding of how our body works. 

Grotto has treated clients with a variety of illnesses that were healed by using sound waves to repair the body’s cells. Using The Bicom Optima System, the body will be detected through frequency waves and then the results will be analysed to show the immune system whether there are toxins, bacteria, or viruses or there are unbalanced body frequencies that often trigger stress, anxiety and even diseases. Once detected, the patient will be given the therapy which is also through frequencies to re-align the mind, body, and soul. Sound healing therapy through the harp played by Maya is then applied according to the frequency needed by the body.

The therapy is very effective in releasing stress, managing anxiety, overcoming migraines, various problems in muscles, the nervous system, digestion, handling patients who will undergo surgery or afterwards, problems with sleep, chakra balancing, and many more. 

Grotto Healing Boutique
Grotto Healing Boutique

To try a treatment at the Grotto, you must make an appointment first. You will then go through an interview session with Maya to freely tell her all about your health concerns. This interview session is the key to determining the therapy.

“Grotto is conceptualised as a holistic healing boutique because when our emotions are balanced the ability to heal will increase. For example, if a patient is taking medicine, the medicine will be more effectively absorbed by the body. Basically, we are just supporting. And I want everyone who comes here to be special, and I want to give them enough time. Especially new clients, they will talk to me for a long time, because they must understand what I do here. How music can heal, can make people calm, happy, and slowly the body functions well.” Maya said. 

Maya believes that the human body has the ability to self-heal, and the key is how we manage our emotions and feelings. When our hearts are happy the frequency will rise and slowly improve the body cells. Because the best medicine for us is ourselves and we must know how to handle it. 

For more information: +62 811 182 5789 or follow IG: @grottohealing

Grotto Holistic Healing Boutique
Jalan Terogong Raya No. 35, Jakarta 12430

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