Planning a big event with your family, friends, or even business partners? Let Plataran Catering Services take care of the food! Photos Courtesy of Plataran Catering Services/NOWJAKARTA

Plataran Catering Services provides best quality cuisine to make your private events, functions and celebrations unforgettable.

Food an important role in any event that offers it, and it is also what makes an event unique and memorable. In a corporate event, food connects the meetings and entertainment: coffee breaks, mixed buffets, gala dinners, etc. This is why in order to organise a successful event, you must rely on a quality catering company with a guaranteed level of service and value. And a good catering company is characterized by its ability to adapt to the place and situation on the day off.

Plataran Catering Services has worked with countless companies and customers, each time delivering guaranteed quality, value and service for a memorable event. It has long been synonymous with exquisite and exotic food emphasized with authentic Indonesian fare with luxury, style and craftmanship unique to the Plataran brand.

Offering three set buffet menus with at IDR 295,000++, IDR 355,000++ and IDR 475,000++ per person, each set combines a wide range of traditional Indonesian dishes, from appetizers through main course and dessert, all cooked by experienced and qualified chefs. A few popular choices include signature dishes Salad Mangga (mango salad), Brinjal Chips and Gurame Saus Mangga (freshwater fish with mango sauce). 

Plataran Catering Services also provides food stall package as for your ideal solution which contains of soup, rice, dessert, and other specialties menu like Ayam Panggang (roasted chicken), Kambing Guling (whole roasted lamb or goat), Bistecca ala Florentina, Dim Sum, Chicken Satay, Pempek (fish cake) etc. 

With five-star dining and services, customers can rest assured that whatever the event—whether celebrating family gatherings, catering public events, business meetings with colleagues or banquets with friends—Plataran Catering Services sprinkle an extra dash of flavour, elegance and style to ensure a memorable dining experience. 

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