If waste upsets you, what about converting those broken pieces into some unique bedroom decorating things? Sharpen your creativity and adopt the natural path to be environmentally friendly by giving your bedroom a unique touch with recycled materials.

Today, recycling is way more relevant than ever. It’s not just living environmentally friendly by reusing resources, but also we can save significant amounts of money by making use of thrifted stuff and turning them into furniture that will infuse a unique style to your home.

Thrifted items, recycled materials and homemade decorations make for interesting showpieces. Try out, reuse and recycle all you have at home, such as cans, fruit boxes and even worn tires and many others, and enrich your personal style while decorating your bedroom. 

With recycled items, you can make your bedroom stand out by reusing old stuff and thrifted materials as creative as you possibly can, thus giving the bedroom decorating a rather rustic feel and look. 

Waste recycling does not only provide cost-effective ideas by using waste materials as a modifier but also explore eco-friendly and trendy décor crafts, thus showing your support of green living concepts. 

Making Bed Frame with Pallets

Pallets are often used as a key component of packaging systems. For many years, they supported cargo transportation by storing a full range of goods and materials in many groceries, restaurants or clothing stores. The best way to get them is to talk to shop owners and see if you could reuse some of the pallet waste. If you are staying in a suburban area, you can also try to find pallets used by farmers to transport fruit and vegetable crates. 

Pallets may not always have good quality wood, but some are very resistant and will make a great addition to your bedroom décor. So, here’s to improve their look. 

First, sand down the pallets by using sandpaper sheets or rolls in a medium grid and gently sand all areas of the piece to remove rough edges. Bear in mind to work in the direction of the wood grain. Sanding across it leaves scratches, making it obvious when you apply a coat of paint, stain or varnish afterwards. 

If you want to modify it, be creative as much as possible. Apply a varnish or paint with any color you like to help protect the wood and give it shine as well as create desired effects.

Pallets have many different types. If you’ve got the small ones, you can also make a low table, small library and shelves out of them next to your headboard. As simple as it may seem, this furniture will give new life to any space in your bedroom. 

Recycled Stationery Holder with Cans

Having an office area in your bedroom but don’t know how to arrange your stationery? There’s nothing better than reusing cans. Most metallic items in the home can be recycled and recovered, such empty sardines, tomato sauce, spray cans or canned vegetables. 

Clean the can out thoroughly, and if you want, give it a coat of paint to create the best outlook of your stationery. Get even more creative by using recycled vinyls, old wine corks or glass bottles and jars.

Asyariefah R.A.

Asyariefah R.A.

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