Some Ideas for Your Summer at Home
For those without plans to travel due to the pandemic, why not create your own summer time activities around the house? Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Summer’s lower temperature may decrease the infectious potency of Covid-19 as the temperature is rising, but many of us are still weary to travel and escape to any vacation. We all understand that we miss summertime, the temperature, the beach, the refreshing cocktails, and everything good about sunny days. However, we could create our own version of summer vacation without leaving the house or run a limited tropical party with beloved ones.

Backyard and Pool – New Party Destinations

For those having a backyard and pool at the house, you are lucky! These places will be your destination for summer this year. We can run anything with a spacious backyard and outdoor pool. Here, one can run a summer party around the house by inviting a member of the family to have summer camping or have a fun foam party in the pool. If you have a sizeable backyard and pool, one can also fire up a barbecue and play games to live up the moment.

Absent any of those two, why not invite friends to rent a place/hotel/villa where you can host a limited party and spend summertime with beloved ones. It’s important to have a limited guest to avoid a large crowd that could potentially spread the virus. The big party is a ‘no no’. Choose the closest destination in the city that provides indoor and outdoor areas that could also accommodate the private time for you and friends. Most importantly, our house may still be the best option for summer this year. Because we can remain in control and make sure everybody is safe from the Covid-19.

Talent and Summer Playlist

If you are done choosing the destination whether it’s your own house or hotels, we absolutely need to live up the vibe. As summer festivals are all about fun performances from musicians and artists, music is still important to rev up the party. Make a list of the hottest summer songs this year, ask friends about their favorite song, and play them when the party starts.

If any member of the family and friends have the talent as a performer, they might be a possible option to entertain during the house summer party. Ask friends who can sing and play musical instruments, then invite them to put a show at the party.

Some Ideas for Your Summer at Home

Food and Refreshing Drinks

As host of the party, one can ask guests to bring the food or ingredients and drinks to make cocktails. Everyone can participate to hosting the best summer party. Cooking simple yet delicious food such as barbeque and grills is a go-to summer tradition, including simple recipes like salad or snacks. Don’t forget your fruits, sodas and alcohol for those who want refreshing cocktails. We can’t miss out on the food because it is love that will invite warm conversation during the party.

Summer Camp is a Choice

Do you want a more intimate backyard session with the loved ones? If summer parties can be run during the sunny days, summer camp can be an option for summer and starry night. Acoustic guitar, bonfire, and tent are requirements for those looking for a lowkey summertime with loved ones. Amidst the pandemic out there, we can have this summer for a moment for contemplation and reflection where one can share the experience with another.

Playing Games is the Fun Part

Put games on the party agenda to strengthen bond among the members of the party-goers. From games that require physical skills to games that use our brain, we can share the fun with everyone. The prize is not really important but it’s always good to motivate people to be more competitive. There are many choices including tug-of-war, monopoly, or play tournament games that require individual and team participation.

Precaution is A Must!

For a reminder, running the party at the house doesn’t mean that we will be safe from the possibility of transmitting the virus. The host for the party must provide a standard of hygiene and cleanliness for anyone who comes to the house. In reverse, it’s also important that the participant of the party will also make sure of their health first before joining the limited summer party at a colleague or friend’s house. To be able to control the crowd, packing the participant for only 10 people will be safe for everybody and it’s also important to know the history of the people. There is no possibility of “friend inviting another friend to the house”. It’s a summer party in the new normal.

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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