Padels COurts in Jakarta 2024

Looking to experience the thrilling sport of padel in Jakarta? The city boasts several top-notch padel courts that cater to players of all levels. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best padel courts in Jakarta, ensuring you find the perfect spot to enjoy this fast-growing sport.

1. PadelPro Kemang

Location: Kemang, South Jakarta
Facilities: PadelPro Kemang offers six indoor courts designed to international standards. They provide a range of coaching options, including private, semi-private, and group training. The facility is known for its vibrant community and regular events.
Rates: Coaching sessions range from IDR 254,000 to IDR 675,000. Court booking costs IDR 315,000 to IDR 450,000 per hour, depending on the time of day.
Equipment Rental: Rackets and balls available for rent.
Booking: Reservations can be made through WhatsApp or Instagram.
Instagram: PadelPro

2. Racquet Padel Club Cilandak

Location: Jl. M.P.R. III Dalam No.4, Cilandak Barat, South Jakarta
Facilities: This club features four semi-outdoor and outdoor courts, a clubhouse, a cafe, and a swimming pool. They offer membership programs and host leagues and tournaments.
Special Packages: Offers include a “Ladies Brunch” package for IDR 75,000 for 90 minutes, including racket rental and drinks.
Booking: Via the Resasports app.
Instagram: Racquet Padel Club

3. Verde Sports Hub PIK 2

Location: Pantai Indah Kapuk 2, North Jakarta
Facilities: Verde Sports Hub boasts four covered padel courts, locker rooms, and shower facilities. They frequently host tournaments and provide coaching sessions.
Rates: Court rental from IDR 120,000 to IDR 240,000 per hour. Coaching sessions start at IDR 350,000.
Instagram: Verde Sports Hub

4. Homeground Padel

Location: Jl. Kedoya Pilar No.7, West Jakarta
Facilities: Homeground Padel is equipped with advanced courts, a clubhouse, and offers various coaching programs. They also organize regular tournaments and social events.
Booking: Via their official website or contact number.
Instagram: Homeground Padel

Why Choose Padel?

Padel is a beginner-friendly sport that combines elements of tennis and squash. It’s played in doubles on an enclosed court, making it a highly social and engaging activity. Whether you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, stay fit, or meet new people, padel is a fantastic choice.


Jakarta offers a variety of excellent padel courts catering to all skill levels. From the vibrant PadelPro Kemang to the family-friendly Racquet Padel Club and the comprehensive facilities at Verde Sports Hub, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to enjoy padel. Book your session today and join the growing community of padel players in Jakarta!

For more information and to book your session, visit the respective websites or Instagram pages of these venues.

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