How Can Indonesia’s Indigenous Wisdom Save the Forest?

The indigenous group of Dayak Iban, West Kalimantan, have a commitment to protect the forest as their source of livelihood. In the midst of the climate crisis and for their efforts to manage and protect their forests sustainably, the community was awarded an Equator Prize 2019 together with 22 other local and indigenous communities across

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Going Offline by Desi Anwar

The online life that provides many benefits is not supposed to eliminate us from our pleasure of life now and interact with the physical world. The online life that provides many benefits is not supposed to eliminate us from our pleasure of life now and interact with the physical world. It is supposed to make

Farhan Siki: How a Street Artist Keeps the Inspiration Alive Amidst the Pandemic

As we’re still struggling to get out of the Covid-19 outbreak, we’re forced to find ways to survive from this uncertain condition and towards the new era, including the artists. Photos by Farhan Siki/NOWJAKARTA After presenting his monumental artworks about restlessness in the city at the Jogja Art Fair (ArtJog) 2009 and wowed some art

‘Lumbung’ is Introduced as Artistic Direction for Kassel’s Documenta 15 in 2022

Recently, the team of artistic directors of Documenta 15, ruangrupa introduced ‘Lumbung’ as the working title that will encapsulate the direction of artistic during 100 days of exhibition from 18 June to 15 September 2022. Photo courtesy of ruangrupa/NOW!JAKARTA Since ruangrupa was selected as the artistic director of the sizeable art exhibition Documenta 15 in

Redesigning Tourist Village: Necessary or Not?

The worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill, and tourism has been the worst affected of all major economic sectors. Many operators and tourism industry players have started and been preparing to redesign their business when the pandemic ends. NOW!JAKARTA A tourist village or rural tourism is a way to improve the

Museum MACAN Introduces Arisan Karya to Collect Funds for Local Art Community

Adapting from the local culture, Arisan Karya also adapts the social gathering to invites art communities to collects funds from its members. Photo courtesy of Museum MACAN/NOWJAKARTA Amidst the pandemic, the creative industry including the arts community has been affected due to the social restrictions and plunging economy that restrains the arts industry to grow. As

Sustainable Décor in Your Bedroom

If waste upsets you, what about converting those broken pieces into some unique bedroom decorating things? Sharpen your creativity and adopt the natural path to be environmentally friendly by giving your bedroom a unique touch with recycled materials. Today, recycling is way more relevant than ever. It’s not just living environmentally friendly by reusing resources,

Indonesia’s Finest Tea

The presence of Savis Tea was driven by Lily Gunawan's desire for Indonesia’s premium tea to become a host in its own country,​​​​​​. Photos courtesy of Savis Tea/NOWJAKARTA The artisan tea products that combines tradition, art and technology to support a natural and healthy lifestyle. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world next to

Srihadi Soedarsono Presents the Greatness of the Universe and Existence of Being

2020 is the comeback for him to answer all the discomforts that have been lingering in Srihadi Soedarsono's mind. Photo by Rintang Azhar/NOWJAKARTA At the age of 88, Indonesian prolific maestro artist Srihadi Soedarsono reflects back in his career, curating the archive of his landscape painting as a medium of contemplation and satirical impressionism to human existence. If there

Melati Suryodarmo and Julian Rosefeldt Bridging Performative Dialogue in Contemporary Arts

Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (MACAN) presents two exhibitions from Melati Suryodarmo and Julian Rosefeldt in the same schedule. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara debuts two exhibitions in 2020 that muse the audiences through enthralling performances from Indonesian artist Melati Suryodarmo and multimedia installation on Julian Rosefeldt’s

A Strange Combination in Iskandar Widjaja’s Newest Single Spirited Away

Iskandar Widjaja released his latest single Spirited Away on 13 March. Photos courtesy of Iskandar Widjaja/NOWJAKARTA The rising violinist virtuoso Iskandar Widjaja launched his newest single, Spirited Away. He shared his life experience to NOW! Jakarta in an exclusive interview. Like the soothing gentle wind in the air, we felt the soft breath of musical

Studio Eksotika: Paradise for Audiophile

Photos courtesy of Studio Eksotika With thought-provoking books lining the walls, a locally-accented bar and a specially curated library of vinyl records, Studio Eksotika presents a fresh new space for music lovers. It’s not often the ‘geeks’ are catered to in this day and age. Looking to lure in the masses, venues sell-out to mainstream interests; the folks

New Retro Style of Radio

In 2013, an old brand, Radio Cawang was redesigned into an innovative fine art piece. Photos by Raditya Fadilla, Kriya Nusantara/NOWJAKARTA An old radio brand combines craftsmanship and technology to create vibrant abstract pieces for your home décor. At a time of around-the-clock digital connection, the radio continues to be a reliable source for many things

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