Jakarta’s Library of Humor Studies: A Serious Place to Research Humour

At The Library of Humour Studies anyone can research humour and comedy, for free. This place is not only the first humour library in Indonesia, but also a center for humour studies for various disciplines and professions. Have you ever tried going through the day without chuckle? You’ll probably find that it’s downright impossible. Realized

Instaworthy Exhibitions in Jakarta

Social media, especially Instagram, have taken over the world of photography by storm, with people sharing their moments in scope of travelling, lifestyle, culinary as well as fashion. In the last four years, this cultural phenomenon have given birth to a new idea that led to the development of a concept of museum dedicated for those wanting a

Jakarta Car Free Day: Exercise and Socialise

Jakartans have one day to exercise safely along the city’s high profile protocol roads—the weekly Car Free Day on Sunday.  Since it was started in 2007 by the Fauzi Bowo administration, Car Free Day in Jakarta has become a favourite event among kids, youth and families to exercise and start building a healthier lifestyle. Photos by Raditya

Child-Friendly Parks in Jakarta

NOW! Jakarta visited a number of child-friendly urban spaces around Jakarta and see how they contribute to a healthier neighbourhood and a greener urban plan. RPTRA Taman Sawo, South Jakarta Photos by Raditya Fadilla The United Nation recently declared that 55 per cent of the world’s population today lives in megacities like Jakarta, which is

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