Instaworthy Exhibitions in Jakarta

Social media, especially Instagram, have taken over the world of photography by storm, with people sharing their moments in scope of travelling, lifestyle, culinary as well as fashion. In the last four years, this cultural phenomenon have given birth to a new idea that led to the development of a concept of museum dedicated for those wanting a

Rintang Azhar

All-in-One Lifestyle Experience at The Maj Senayan

Not many lifestyle destinations can boast golf course views, but that’s precisely what The Maj Senayan offers. This popular entertainment hub overlooking the Senayan National Golf Club has become one of Jakarta’s most sought after destinations from day to night.  The Maj Senayan is a popular entertainment hub overlooking the Senayan National Golf Club which

Jakarta Car Free Day: Exercise and Socialise

Jakartans have one day to exercise safely along the city’s high profile protocol roads—the weekly Car Free Day on Sunday.  Since it was started in 2007 by the Fauzi Bowo administration, Car Free Day in Jakarta has become a favourite event among kids, youth and families to exercise and start building a healthier lifestyle. Photos by Raditya

Child-Friendly Parks in Jakarta

NOW! Jakarta visited a number of child-friendly urban spaces around Jakarta and see how they contribute to a healthier neighbourhood and a greener urban plan. RPTRA Taman Sawo, South Jakarta Photos by Raditya Fadilla The United Nation recently declared that 55 per cent of the world’s population today lives in megacities like Jakarta, which is

Dancing Fountains at West Irian Liberation Monument

We don’t need to travel to Singapore to see dancing water with lights as the city now offers a new and similar experience at West Iran Liberation Monument in Central Jakarta. The dancing fountain at West irian Liberation Monument has bring magic back to the the historical site as it regained its popularity, especially after

Theme Parks in and Around Jakarta

Looking for a place to kick back on the weekend? Test your skills or just take a break at some of these locations around town. Istana Anak (Kids Palaca) at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). iStock/NOW!JAKARTA Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)  Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park  is a culture-based recreational area located in East Jakarta. The park

In Menteng Pulo, A Lesson About War and Loss

It is well established that during the Second  World  War and  the war between the Netherlands and Indonesia led to the loss of thousands of lives. A cemetery in Jakarta honours victims and serves as a space for future generations to learn lessons from the past. The Menteng Pulo is the resting place of almost

Glodok China Town: Lanterns, Temples and Dim Sum

What better way to celebrate Lunar New Year than exploring Jakarta’s China Town Glodok? At the end of January, right before Chinese New Year, the Italian section of Indonesian Heritage Society organised a tour to Glodok: tea house, decorations, red lanterns, traditional pasar (market). And dim sum, of course. Vihara Dharma Bhakti is a klenteng located in the

Take a tour of Chinese-Indonesian Historical Sites in Jakarta

The most popular Chinese-Indonesian heritage sites in Jakarta are Chinatown in Petak Sembilan, Glodok or Pasar Baru. Chinese migration to Indonesia began in the 17th century, when the East Indies trade partnership (VOC) succeeded in inviting the Chinese from the mainland to immigrate to various islands in Indonesia. Candra Naya was built in 1807 or earlier

Benteng Heritage Museum: The Pearl of Tangerang

It is only fitting that this little jewel hidden in the middle of the busy Tangerang Old Market is nicknamed the Pearl of Tangerang. Photo By Muhammad Zulfianri Ramadhan Finding your way to the museum in the morning is part of the experience. It requires a lot of navigating through the snaking alleys of the

Flying High!

For some unique and very personal insights into the wonderful world of kites, why not visit the Layang-Layang Museum which is a private collection of Madame Endang W. Puspoyo, housed in her own property in the south of Jakarta. The area is serene, beautiful, and feels totally disconnected from the busy streets of Jakarta, says

Jakarta’s Best International Hospitals

Make sure you and your family get the best health treatment from these best hospitals in Jakarta. Photos courtesy of iStock/NOWJAKARTA Living in an urban concrete jungle with a long commute between work and home every day, complete with the major pollution caused by the city’s millions of vehicles, can really push one’s health to

Kid-Friendly Adventures in and Around Jakarta

Jakarta may not be the kid-friendliest place on earth, but it does offer its fair share of fun activities for the little ones. Moreover, there are plenty of options for families to explore near and around the city, sometimes no more than a few hours away. Surfing One of the most popular getaways for Jakartans

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