Family Vacations at Alila

Alila Hotels & Resorts believes in immersive family journeys, designed for memorable moments. Here are the best of their curated experiences across the portfolio. In keeping with Alila’s philosophy, each personalized programme has a sense of place which celebrates the local community and its environment. BEST FOR FAMILY VACATIONS – Alila Anji – China In

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The Coral Beauty of Northern Sulawesi

The Coral Triangle is an area so rich in sea life that it is known as the global center of marine biodiversity.  Stretching north to the Philippines, west to Sumatra and east to the Solomon Islands, the Coral Triangle is where the Pacific and the Indian Oceans meet. Over 500 species of reef-building corals can

Celebrating International Hobbit Day in Middle Earth

Every year on 22 September, J.R.R. Tolkien fans all over the world celebrate International Hobbit Day. On this day – albeit in different years – two of the writer’s most beloved characters, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, were born. In Tolkien’s fictional Middle Earth, the Hobbits are the most wondrous creatures: they are happy-go-lucky “halflings” with

Oktoberfest Celebrations Around The World (Besides Munich)

The famous Munich Oktoberfest has its roots in 1810 when it was held for the first time as part of the celebrations for a royal wedding. Nowadays, it is still one of the biggest folk festivals around the world –  it is all about getting together with family and friends, drinking beer and having a

The Best Way to Experience Switzerland

The Swiss Travel Pass is the key to trouble-free travel by public transport throughout Switzerland. With a single ticket visitors can travel 3, 4, 8 or 15 days throughout the entire country by train, bus and boat. The ticket includes trams and buses in no fewer than 90 towns and cities, free admission to more

The Flying Affairs

World travellers know that there are many hubs that can connect us to other parts of the globe. Favourites such as Singapore, Doha, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Istanbul remain the most popular ones. As a world traveller who jumps in and out of airplanes from one destination to another, I am always keen

Zagreb: An Old City with a Young Soul

Croatia’s capital Zagreb is a city that brings together the old and the new: located along the Sava River, it boasts stunning buildings, lush parks and is steeped in history, but at the same time radiates a truly vibrant and youthful atmosphere. The heart of Zagreb is undoubtedly the Ban Josip Jelačiċ Square, a popular

White Glam New Year’s Eve at Hilton Bali Resort

New Year’s Eve is a special occasion on everyone’s calendar; people young and old stay up to countdown the end of the last year and celebrate the start of another. Bali has always been on the top of people’s new year’s plans and for good reason! This year, Hilton Bali Resort has prepared an incredibly

Beringer Vineyards Launches Regional Campaign on Tripadvisor

Most people are fond of traveling, as visiting new destinations and exploring different cultures, cuisines and traditions can be a gratifying experience. However, not everyone enjoys the process of the actual planning and preparation. A regional survey commissioned by Napa Valley wine brand Beringer Vineyards and conducted in five countries across Southeast Asia showed that

A Festive Time in Bali

As the year comes to an end, you must be thinking about your Christmas and New Year’s holiday. We all know that Bali is just a quick flight away and has always been the chosen getaway during the festive season for those of us living in the busy city. If you haven’t yet decided where

The Charming Seaside of Benoa

As the end of the year is approaching, I could not help but think about a holiday destination that would summarize 2017 perfectly. I have been traveling all around the world from Europe to China and Australia, and therefore I was not really keen on traveling too far for this coming holiday season. Bali is

Croatia’s Enchanting Dalmatian Coast

While Dubrovnik is without a doubt the city that attracts the biggest number of tourists, there are many more enthralling places to explore and discover along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast.  Photo by Katrin Figge/NOW!Jakarta Due to its central location and international airport, Zadar has long been a popular gateway to Croatia, but this city is much

Tasty Travelling at Macao, the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy

Being a member of UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, Macao is an irresistible magnet for food lovers. The unique mixture of a long history of European colonization and the strongly-embedded Chinese culture gave birth to the unforgettable memory of tasty travelling at Macao. Located in the coast of People’s Republic of China, Macao holds the

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