The Elusive Mr X

Mr. Preecha was giving me some very useful information and I was taking copious notes, but it was very hard for me to understand what he was saying because his hand was constantly in front of his mouth. He would speak while holding up a strategically placed cigarette or he would hide his mouth behind

Eamonn Sadler

We Don’t Need No Education

Theez dayz edukashun trewly is a compleet waist of time. Don’t need lern proper english anymore cz we can abbreviate and every1 undrstds anywy. Don’t need maths cz we hv calculatirs. Don’t need histarey, jeografy or syence cuz we hv Google. So y r we still sending are kids to skool? Search Engine is the

An Enhanced Culinary Experience with Traveloka Eats

Online travel booking platform, Traveloka, recently introduced a new application which helps users explore culinary spots around a city, which it believes will make it easier for tourists and locals to plan their dining experiences. Vita Datau Mesakkh, Head of Acceleration Team for The Development of Culinary and Shopping Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism

Enjoy Jakarta

Many years ago I undertook a very serious study for Jakarta City Government : to find out what visitors to the city, and the organisations which welcome them: hotels, restaurants, airlines, travel agents, etc. thought were the main strengths and weakness of the city. We polled 2,000 hotel guests in 4 and 5 star hotels,

Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat or an Opportunity?

Whenever I hear the words “artificial intelligence” I immediately think of Donald Trump. He has all the traits you would expect to find in an intelligent person, but you can tell that he’s not. However, I’m afraid the reality of “artificial intelligence” could be even worse than having an orange charlatan in the White House.

After Surabaya, What Lies Ahead?

The response to a string of attacks across Indonesia in May is commendable but do these attacks signal a worrying new direction for the country. The directors, management and staff at PT Phoenix Communications regret the tragic incidents around Indonesia in May and extend our deepest condolences to the bereaved families. We also wish those

Fatness and Fitness as Health Issue in an Era of Urbanisation

It seems to me as a casual observer that there is a health crisis here in Jakarta. I may be wrong but to my untrained eyes at least 50 per cent of the population is overweight, some very overweight! Is it true? Well, perhaps there are statistics but I haven’t found them yet. Now fatness,

Now, A Guide to Deciphering the Ecosystem of Startup Companies

The “Insiders’ Guide to Jakarta Startups”, which was developed as a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in joining the burgeoning startup ecosystem, was officially released on 6 June. Dila Karinta and Bettina Herz launched the book “Insiders’ Guide to Jakarta Startups” as the guide entrepreneurs who want to develop startup in Jakarta. Photo

Kota Tua: The Cultural Heart of Jakarta?

Few who know the history of the “KotaTua” saga were surprised by the rejection of UNESCO to declare Jakarta’s old city (plus four islands in Pulau Seribu) a World Heritage Site. The qualifications for acceptance into this elite category are very strict and very clear, and to even the least technically minded people (myself included)

2018 World Cup: Surprises, Disappointments, Highs and Lows

After a whole month of football frenzy, the World Cup 2018 in Russia saw France lifting the coveted trophy for the second time after twenty years. It was a well-deserved win as “Les Bleus”, among the top favourites to win the World Cup this year, showed a string of assured and effective performances throughout the

The Reason for Games

While the Olympic Games  motto is “Higher, Faster, Stronger” which is a very competitive and challenging phrase, the Olympic Creed summarises the ideals behind the Olympic games very well. “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not

Jakarta’s Culinary Smorgasbord

First of all I want to establish two things: one, “culinary” is an adjective not a noun! The number of times I have heard it used as a noun is annoying and completely incorrect. “Susi, works in culinary” what? “Susi is a culinary expert” or “Susi works in the culinary world” are correct. Two: the

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