Maya Nelson Head of Jakarta Intercultural School

An Interview with Maya Nelson, At the Helm of Jakarta Intercultural School

With over 70 years of established history in international education, Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) is nationally and regionally recognised as a leading institution for teaching and learning. After two years of online instruction, the school starts the 2022/23 academic year with an updated Strategic Plan and a new leader at its helm. In this interview,

Is Jakarta a ‘Smart City’?

The European Smart City working group, comprised of researchers from Vienna and Delft, has systematically operationalized the smart city concept along six themes: smart governance, smart people, smart economy, smart mobility, smart environment, and smart living. It may be hard to see when looking at it from above through the smog, on the streets with


Chef Attila Körmöczi at InterContinental Jakarta Pondok Indah

Ever since its opening in late 2018, InterContinental Jakarta Pondok Indah has become an icon of luxurious hospitality experiences in Jakarta. From its well-appointed rooms to its elegant dining and wedding experiences, the hotel is contributing significantly to South Jakarta’s wealth of cosmopolitan ways of life. The hotel appointed Chef Attila Körmöczi in June 2021

Beleaf Farms: A Sustainable and Growing Business

In late 2017, a man shifted his passion and his business in the commercial real estate sector to food systems and hydroponic farming, but with a real focus on sustainability. The amount of time and effort he spent in this field led to the development of one of Indonesia’s steadily expanding hydroponic farms, which in

More Good Ideas We Need To Adopt And Adapt!

Last month I wrote an extensive piece on the great ideas coming out of tiny Palau: The Palau Pledge and the “Ol’au Palau”program  which is described as: “The first tourism initiative that unlocks new experiences and places through sustainable action.” In this article I urged the Indonesia tourism authorities, either national in the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

Julia Suryakusuma: Still Fighting for What is Right

Julia Suryakusuma, who was born on 19th July 1954, is considered one of the most influential feminist scholars of Indonesia and her writings are cited widely, both nationally and internationally.  As one of the intellectual pioneers of the feminist movement, she has influenced three generations of feminists, and is often considered the “grandmother” of Indonesian

The Bali Island Stand-Up Paddleboard Around Bali Challenge

“I Wanted Freedom, Open Air, And Adventure. I Found It On The Sea.” – Alain Gerbeault We at NOW! Media are huge fans of the Coral Triangle Centre in Bali’s amazing efforts to preserve the oceans, so when we saw this idea we have to tell you about it and encourage you to support them in


It Won’t Happen To Us!

“Are we nearing the end of the pandemic? I certainly hope so, but are we prepared for the next crisis? I can pretty much guarantee that when the masks come off and the social distancing stops, the whole country will relax and say ‘whew’ and forget the whole thing”. “But with my background in insurance

Redesigning Indonesia’s Tourist Villages: Necessary or Not?

A tourist village or rural tourism is a way to improve the tourism sector as well as to apply a sustainability community-based tourism development. It is also an effort to conserve both the environment and nature as well as the people’s culture and empower the potential of local culture and local wisdom values that tend

Develop of Control? What’s the Best Way?

About 60 years ago in UK there was a debate on TV between two extremely smart and powerful lady Members of Parliament. One was supporting the English City of Manchester, the other Aberdeen in Scotland. They represented two diametrically opposed views on city development. The lady from Aberdeen was dedicated to free, easy access, universal

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