How Can You or Your Company Resist ‘Shrinkflation’?

You’ve heard of inflation, stagflation, disinflation and deflation in economic terms, but how about shrinkflation? You may not have heard of it, but unfortunately you’ve probably experienced it.  by James Kallman Shrinkflation refers to a practice where the size or quantity of a product or service is reduced while its price remains the same or

Financial Audits Enhance Your Company’s Reputation 

Financial audits are an essential tool for ensuring that companies are operating within the law and are meeting their fiscal obligations. They can identify financial irregularities, fraud, and other financial risks, and provide assurance to stakeholders, including investors, creditors, and customers, that the company’s financial statements are reliable and fairly stated. Corporate financial audits in


Making ESG a Business Priority

Ms Tequila Bester, from the USA, and Ms Ratih Ananda Putri Goestoro, from Indonesia, are two forces to be reckoned with at the Foundation for International Human Rights Reportable Standards (FIHRRST) in Jakarta. Focusing on business and human rights (BHR), vulnerable persons and other social issues, Tequila works on social issues that impact business organisations.


Sustainability on Show at The Apurva Kempinksi Bali

From afar Indonesia can appear as just another anonymous emerging country, something like China but maybe more like India, but when you get here and start to uncover its unique  heritage of history, culture and tradition you realise that – wow – this is a powerhouse of art, dance, architecture, music, design, cuisine, textiles and

Brazilian Ambassador Fernando de Mello Barreto represents the City of São Paulo at the Urban 20 Mayors Summit in Jakarta

Mr. Mello Barreto, known for a long diplomatic career, will exchange best practices and discuss solutions with 37 cities representatives in order to address sustainability challenges in the post pandemic era.  Mayors and senior officials from U20 cities, around the theme “Recover together, recover stronger”, will gather in the 2022 cycle to call on G20 leaders to address

Adopting A Better Normal

British Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Ainsley Mann, talks to NOW! Jakarta about the current state of affairs for British companies amidst the pandemic as well as his thoughts on the crisis. Do you think that Jakarta was prepared for yet another crisis? If not what should the authorities have done but didn’t? Was anyone really

Certified with Safe Travels, Archipelago International is Confident to Welcome Tourists Back to the Hotels

Considered having a high standard on safety and health by WITC, Archipelago international guarantees the comfort for the guests who stay at its properties. Photo courtesy of Archipelago International/NOW!JAKARTA Archipelago International, Southeast Asia’s largest privately-owned and independent hotel management group, has received the certification on 'Safe Travels' from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). The

British Council: Building Deeper UK-Indonesia Connections

Colm Downes, Interim Country Director of British Council Indonesia. Photos courtesy of Colm Downes/NOWJAKARTA NOW! Jakarta’s Alistair Speirs spoke to Colm Downes, Interim Country Director of British Council Indonesia the council’s progress as it embraces the new normal. Up to the onset of Covid-19, how would you describe the progress of the British Council in Indonesia?

Preparing for the Post-Coronavirus Era: A view from Japan

Tokyo is quiet. The spread of Covid-19 means schools are closed and people are working remotely without commuting in packed trains. Events are being cancelled and sports games postponed. People are refraining from going out at night to drink and party. According to TEIKOKU DATABANK (TDB), the coronavirus crisis forced companies from cruise ships and Japanese

The Covid-19 Picture by Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC)

Illustration of business. Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash/NOWJAKARTA Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC) Treasurer, Peter Fanning, produced a detailed report on significant events and regulations throughout the outbreak, especially those impacting business and legal. Post PSBB Legal and Financial Framework for Action 31 MARCH Government Regulation 21/2020 allowing regional governments to put in place large scale social

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