What happens when you get six of Jakarta’s best bars together and ask them to organize a golf tournament for their loyal customers to compete against each other in a Texas scramble on one of Indonesia’s best Golf courses, Cengkareng, give them lunch and the promise of lots of beer and booze followed by a buffet dinner?

Well, the shot gun started 30 minutes past Friday’s high noon on April 7th, which also marked the beginning of the end for those players who can’t play golf, have fun and drink a lot at the same time.

That’s correct, this tournament combined the skill of golf with the skill of drinking, getting shot with water cannons and managing the specialty holes such as the “Put It in For Me” hole. While 20 flights and their players joined the challenge, when the smoke settled on the day around 6pm, there was only one winning flight that managed this with a remarkable net score of 59 using the system 36 of handicapping.

Yes, this beer goggled team from Double Doors and their German manager Stefan, beat favorites like Eastern Promise, newcomers from Frank’s Bar, jokers from DeHooi, youngsters from De Burse and Cazbar.

Win or loose, as with all great Golf tournaments, the spirit of camaraderie filled the room. Then we witnessed a miracle, because unlike with most tournaments, both winners and losers stayed and laughed, drank some more and talked about what a great day it was. After all, that’s what you get when six of Jakarta’s best bars and their loyal customers decide to come together and play golf.

NOW! Jakarta

NOW! Jakarta

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