You’ll probably run into them on Sunday morning at Senayan City Mall, Kopitiam QQ in Senayan, Neo Hotel in Melawai or the Ducati Showroom in Kemang—a group of Ducati enthusiasts chilling and keeping up with the news from the latest MotoGP season.

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Ducati is an Italian sporty, premium global brand known for its passion for racing—red Ducati motorcycles compete in MotoGP and Superbikes races throughout the world—although the company has also continued expanding its street bike range. With motorbike prices that typically start from USD 10,000 (IDR 130 million), you can bet its owners are not a regular bunch.

The group is known by its official name: Ducati Superbike Owners. Since its establishment on 11 December 2013, DSO has welcomed 48 enthusiasts from a variety of professional backgrounds and age groups. Its youngest member is 19 years old, its oldest 61. What they share in common is the drive to live at the centre of their passion.

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Its tagline, “A Story of Passion”, is meant to indicate that there’s more than one story to come, and that with Ducati, there’s no end to passion.

“If you own a legal Ducati Superbike, a legal driving license that’s acknowledged in Indonesia and internationally, and most importantly, if you have a heart for this, then you can be our member. We really appreciate those who want to join us because they truly love motorcycles, not merely because they’re following a trend or think it’s cool to do so,” Ducati Superbike Owners founder Jade Bunny Illi said.

“Membership is free of charge, but everyone is required to come to the Sunday gathering on a regular basis and be active in our WhatsApp chat group. Don’t just come and go. Don’t register just to get the welcome kit (original silicone wristband and T-shirt from Italy’s Ducati, discount card) and then take off.”

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The current structure of the organization places Dimas Bimantoro as President, Rully R. Ismet as Vice President, Phanh Hok Lij as Treasurer and Maliki Ramadhan as Secretary. Together, they’re responsible for developing the community of Ducati enthusiasts in Indonesia, deepening a sense of brotherhood among them and taking their passion to a new level.

The community’s various activities include Riding, Track and Sprint. Riding refers to embarking on an urban trip within the city; Track takes them to Sentul International Circuit and Sprint charges members to go on either a short or long journey—the shortest route has taken them to Bandung and the longest to Ducati Headquarters in Bologna, Italy. Also at the heart of the community is a passion for sharing. During the Islamic holy month of Ramadhan, club members participate in charitable activities.