In a significant stride towards responsible consumption and production, Accor hotels in Greater Jakarta have partnered with Diversey – A Solenis Company to launch the PlasticShreds program. This pioneering initiative not only represents Accor hotels in Indonesia’s first PlasticShreds endeavor but also aligns with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, specifically focusing on SDG No. 12.

The program launch event, held at ATFAC (A Trust For A Child) Sanggar Cipinang Jakarta, underscores Accor’s unwavering commitment to global sustainable transformation. The PlasticShreds program embraces the R-R-U model (Remove, Replace, Upcycle) in plastic waste management, aiming not only to substitute unnecessary plastic products with sustainable alternatives but also to upcycle plastic waste for added value.

Going beyond conventional environmental solutions, PlasticShreds embarks on a journey to transform single-use plastic waste into sustainable products. Through this process, plastic waste is converted into versatile chips, repurposed for use in sustainable products, including gravel replacements in structures such as roads and sidewalks. These chips may also find new life as innovative sustainable items, such as flowerpots and candleholders.

Stephane Bryer, Director of Operations, Accor hotels in Greater Jakarta, emphasizes the transformative nature of PlasticShreds, stating, “It is more than an environmental solution; it is a journey towards transforming plastic waste into sustainable products. This collaboration marks a significant step in combating plastic pollution in the hotel industry, demonstrating our commitment to shaping a more sustainable future.”

Lisa Sanjoyo, Chairperson of A Trust For A Child Foundation, expressed optimism, stating, “We believe this initiative will be key as a means of imparting environmental knowledge for future generations to work towards a better future.”

Stefan Phang, Global Director, Sustainability & Creating Shared Value, Diversey – A Solenis Company, commends Accor for its trust in this sustainable program, saying, “PlasticShreds is a real step in overcoming single-use plastic waste in the hotel industry. This is a global problem that requires a global solution.”

PlasticShreds program

The program launch saw the participation of General Managers from Accor properties in Greater Jakarta, A Trust For A Child Foundation, alongside guest speakers from Plastic Smart Cities – WWF Indonesia. A live workshop showcased the PlasticShreds process, upcycling plastic waste from Accor hotels in Jakarta and resulting in the creation of new plant pots from plastic chips and cement.

In the spirit of “Shred, Shape, Sustain,” PlasticShreds reimagines waste management, creating functional, sustainable works that resonate with Accor’s commitment to a more sustainable and harmonious future.

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