On 26 January 2024, ASCOTT Indonesia Regional JABOBEK (Jakarta Bogor Bekasi) head over to to SOS Villages Cibubur to raise awareness about environmental issues, foster a sense of responsibility, and empower youth with the knowledge to make sustainable choices.

The visit commemorated World Environmental Education Day and was part of the group’s commitment to environmental awareness under the ‘ASCOTT Cares’ programme. SOS Children’s Villages is a non-profit, non-governmental social organisation that is active in supporting children’s rights and is committed to providing children who have or are at risk of losing parental care with their primary needs, namely a family and a loving home.

Inviting 20 children from elementary to middle school at SOS Villages Cibubur, the children had the opportunity to learn about environmentally-friendly practices, reducing paper waste, and processing used paper into environmentally friendly paper that can be reused. These workshops and interactive sessions were held by the ASCOTT Indonesia Regional JABOBEK Brand & Marketing team.

“We are very happy to be able to contribute to World Environmental Education Day by holding this event at SOS Villages Cibubur,” said Suryo Yangki, Social Media Manager of The ASCOTT Limited Indonesia. “Education is key to realising a sustainable future, and we believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge needed to make environmentally conscious decisions.”

ASCOTT Indonesia Regional JABOBEK would like to thank the community at SOS Villages Cibubur for their cooperation and to all participants for their enthusiastic involvement in promoting environmental education.

For further information regarding the ASCOTT Indonesia Regional JABOBEK agenda and its commitment to sustainability, please visit discoverasr.com.

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