The Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group recently brought the best of Australia’s fresh food and wine to the Indonesian market through the special event, “Taste the Wonders of Australia,” held at the Raffles Hotel in Jakarta.

This event provided a unique opportunity for the Indonesian public to explore and enjoy high-quality Australian fresh food and wine through an exclusive dinner event and various other promotions. The Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group, consisting of Meat and Livestock Australia, Dairy Australia, Seafood Industry Australia, Horticulture Innovation Australia, and Wine Australia, orchestrated this initiative.

As part of a two-year promotional program, this group targeted four key Asian markets – Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia – with ongoing activities designed to raise the profile of Australian food and wine products and strengthen trade relationships.

Taste the Wonders of Australia Jakarta

Andrew Cox, General Manager of International Markets at Meat and Livestock Australia, highlighted Indonesia’s significance: “Indonesia is Australia’s largest export partner in Southeast Asia and a longstanding consumer of our red meat industry. Indonesian consumers are becoming increasingly discerning, seeking safe, diverse, and high-quality products. Australian beef and lamb are highly valued by Indonesian consumers for these reasons. With the growth of Indonesia’s culinary and tourism industries, we anticipate a greater demand for Australian beef, lamb, and other products in the coming years.”

In addition to meat, fish is a major source of animal protein in Indonesia. With a large population and rising domestic consumption, Indonesia is seen as a highly potential market for Australian seafood exporters. Dr. Patrick Hone, CEO of Seafood Industry Australia’s FRDC, noted, “76% of Indonesian consumers prefer fresh fish, making it a critical market for Australian salmon, tuna, crab, and shrimp. By 2030, seafood consumption per capita in Indonesia is projected to increase by 13%. We aim to expand our offerings with other products like abalone and shellfish.”

Australia is also renowned for its high-quality dairy products. David Nation, Managing Director of Dairy Australia, explained, “Indonesia’s climate imposes natural limitations on its dairy production. As close neighbors, we can meet this demand. Our internationally recognized Sustainability Framework guides our sustainable dairy production. We are proud that our commitment to communities, employees, the environment, and livestock makes us a leading sustainable dairy producer, allowing us to supply Indonesia with nutritious dairy products for healthier living.”

Mila Bristow, General Manager of Trade and Biosecurity R&D at Horticulture Innovation Australia, stated, “As a major producer of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, Australia is now the second-largest overseas horticulture supplier to Indonesia by value. Australia’s proximity to Indonesia means our products are appealing to those who value high quality and freshness. Healthy, fresh, safe, and high-quality products are essential to Indonesia, just as they are to Australian producers. We are proud to partner with our neighbor to bring the taste of Australia to them.”

Dr. Martin Cole, CEO of Wine Australia, added, “With evolving consumer tastes, ‘Taste the Wonders of Australia’ gave us the chance to engage directly with key trade and influencer figures in Indonesia, allowing them to experience the quality and diversity of Australian wine firsthand and strengthening relationships with wine exporters.”

The event featured a series of activities, including social media activations from March to April 2024, involving five celebrity chefs – Chef Degan Septoadji, Chef Chandra Yudasswara, Chef Vindex Tengker, Chef Vania Wibisono, and Chef Martin Praja. Attended by chefs, importers, distributors, sommeliers, retailers, and important representatives from the Indonesian and Australian governments, the event also included educational workshops, media engagements, and a dinner showcasing Australian meat, dairy, seafood, horticulture, and wine.

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