Designer Denny Wirawan Introduces Kelana Spring Summer 2017 Collection

Sophisticated as ever, renowned designer Denny Wirawan has again captivated Indonesia’s fashion scene with his Kelana Spring Summer 2017 Collection. Launched at the Dharmawangsa Hotel in South Jakarta, the collection features 50 outfits in clashing patterns of batik, songket, double ikat (geringsing), the mythical bird lok can as well as the more contemporary geometrical shapes

Behind the Scenes of an Art Exhibition

Art lovers in Indonesia got to enjoy a different kind of exhibition this past month, thanks to a collaboration among CuratorsLAB of Goethe Institut, Galeri Nasional and the Ministry of Education and Culture. Taking place at Galeri Nasional in Central Jakarta between June 3 and 17, an experimental art exhibition entitled “Mutual Unknown” featured nine

A Chat With Make-Up Artist Arsya Nafisa

Many underestimate the hard work and dedication it takes to become a professional make-up artist. But this has never stopped Arsya Nafisa’s determination from following this path. One of Indonesia’s youngest make-up artists, Nafisa always knew she wanted a career in the beauty industry. Ever since she was a little girl, she has been attracted

Beauty Tricks from the Kitchen Pantry

Truth be told, every woman always wants to look her best. The day just seems brighter when we feel confident about how we look. That explains why the beauty industry has steadily grown over the last few decades – just imagine the millions of women out there who are more than willing to spend spare

Academic Discussion on Bajo Tribe

Until today, there’s still so much left unknown about Indonesia’s sea nomads, the Bajo Tribe. What we know is that this tribe is scattered in numerous areas, from eastern Indonesia to northern parts of Kalimantan (Sabah, Malaysia) and southern Philippines (Sulu Archipelago). That said, no written documents or ruins of ancient monuments or villages were

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