The annual Bali Spirit Festival, a celebration of world music, dance, yoga, spirituality and more, comes back this 2-8 April, 2018, with the theme “Return to Source”.

The annual Bali Spirit Festival comes back this 2-8 April, 2018. Photo courtesy of Bali Spirit Festival/NOW!JAKARTA

On a literal level, the festival returns to its beloved original venue, Bali Purnati, a lush tropical garden of manicured terraces, cool shade trees, and secret wellsprings to delight the senses.

On a deeper level, BaliSpirit's “Return to Source” is a recognition of the unified inner life of all living things, the Being from which all beings arise, the consciousness that sees through every pair of eyes. It is the sacred silence found in deepest meditation; it is the music that streams from heart-centered awareness to bless all with ears to hear. Leave your baggage at the door and enter a magical garden filled with music and dance, yoga and meditation, and friends from around the world united in celebration.

The week-long festival takes many forms, from yoga, meditation, dance, martial arts and healing workshops and seminars; to full-day fairs and markets selling handicrafts, vegan foods, clothing and gifts; to a huge line up of world and spiritual music hitting both daytime Coco Love Stage and Night Concerts. Find their schedules, line-ups, special events and more information on their website.

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