It’s not an oxymoron to suggest that there is a flood-proof safe haven in Kemang, and that one can actually make a home there. For its faithfuls, Kemang remains the top place to be and for the right reasons. 

That’s where Lavish Kemang Residence comes in, as the perfect solution for those wanting a piece of the Kemang urban living experience. Situated on a higher ground with 36 water absorption spots, Lavish Kemang Residence promises safety from flood. It also offers plenty of green spaces. Only 32 percent of the total complex area will be used for erecting its two main buildings: Service Apartment Tower, which boasts 162 rental apartment units distributed in 16 floors, and the 41-storey-high elite Residential Tower that consists of 474 condominium units. The rest will be transformed into green spaces and gardens.

“The concept of heaven, in any religious belief, is often associated with being green —lots of water and trees. I would like to apply that concept here, so that our residents can go back home with calmer peace of mind, after a stressful day at work,” says Lavish Kemang CEO Sumedi Djoko. To keep away from noises, there is planned a 54-metre gap between the main gate and the Service Apartment Tower —much longer than the usual eight to 12-metre distance in most apartment complexes in Jakarta. Both buildings are also protected with double glass to prevent noise from the outside to leak inside. Developer Kemang Karya Utama proudly presents Lavish Kemang Residence as having earthquake-resistant structure. Construction will start after the groundbreaking, which is scheduled in November 2016. As a smart home, Lavish Kemang Residence also offers a special app to let residents control and manage their homes, from lights, air conditioner, curtains and even door locks —an essential feature to keep families safe and life hassle-free.

Lavish Kemang Residence

Jalan Kemang Raya No. 78A
Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta