In an effort to give students invaluable international learning experiences, Binus School and its branches from Simprug, Serpong, Bekasi and Semarang sent their students as delegates in The Asia Pacific Young Leaders Convention (APYLC) 2023. APYLC 2023 was hosted in St. Paul’s Collegiate School in Hamilton, New Zealand from 12-16th April 2023.

APYLC is a platform for students from several countries to gather and exchange ideas, to foster leadership qualities that can solve various problems, both local and global. High school students from five different countries gathered together in April for this event where they had the opportunity to hone their leadership skills as well as learning and exchanging cultural experiences with each other. 

This year’s APYLC brought in the theme of ‘Beauty in Outdoors’ that highlighted outdoor activities, the eight students sent from Binus School as representatives participated in numerous projects including workshops, breakout groups and group discussions with other students coming from different schools in New Zealand, Japan, China and Taiwan. In these forums, the delegates from Binus School learned about new cultures while also introducing Indonesian culture to other delegations, discovering and giving new insight to each other through this cultural exchange. 

Through APYLC, Binus School Education also had the opportunity to introduce and present the profile of Binus School to schools around the world. Importantly, the students came home with fresh experience, perspective and also new friends from around the world.

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