During the month of love and to celebrate the week of Valentine’s, By the Sea PIK seized the moment by holding a fashion show titled “Wave of Love”, featuring numerous fashion houses from talented and rising Indonesian designers.

Presented on Sunday, 11 February 2023 at the Cambodia Atrium, BTS PIK, the “Wave of Love” showcased glimmering displays from fashion tenants such as Aloes, Gaudi, Mahren J. Love & Flair, Hava, Nakedsol, Solemio, Chocochips, Neru, Ariane, Bloom et Champs, Etalashe, Mandy’s, and Bodies.co. The appearance of two fashion labels belonging to Indonesian designers, Frederika and Youngwoong also made significant highlights, including the makeup and hairdo from the renowned Ivan Gunawan Cosmetics.

Frederika exhibited their newest resort collection entitled “Sweet Plantation”, still with their signature contemporary batik and handmade design details. Inspired by Asia Pacific Rayon’s Acacia plantations in Riau which are managed by using sustainable cultivation methods, the batik explored in this collection told us of a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Coming with a bright colour palette, the material processed in this collection is none other than Asia Pacific Rayon’s Ready-for-Dye cotton (40% Rayon / 60% Cotton) which then turned into ready-to-wear batik, as well as Polymix material (35% Rayon Viscose / 65% Polyester) that has a balanced composition of softness and does not wrinkle easily when worn.

Youngwoong certainly knew how to approach the interest of its new consumer demographic, the Gen Zs now have taken a liking to the colourful, youthful, and stylish retro and pop combination. This capsule collection will showcase Youngwoong’s trademark such as cropped cuts, baggy silhouettes, colourful beads, and a variety of fur materials that come in dramatic shades and unique cutting. Combining a typical Valentine’s atmosphere, this collection also comes with a Teddy Bear as its icon.

A series of interesting activities are also held at By The Sea PIK from 10-19th February 2023. Beginning from the epic collaboration between Sovlo and Emoji, candle making workshops, soap making classes, nail art classes, yoga classes to perfume-making classes, visitors can spend time with friends and family with fun exciting activities.

According to Alexandra Francisca Najoan as the Marketing Communication Department Head of the Commercial & Hotel Division at Amantara – Agung Sedayu Group, it is hoped that this fashion show event could support advancing the country’s fashion industry that elevates local fashion products and provide space for the younger generation to continue to create, develop and innovate, especially in the field of fashion. In the long run, they will be able to contribute to improving the Indonesian economy in the creative sector and be able to compete globally.

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