Java St Andrew’s Society

The Java St. Andrew Society (JSAS) was founded in 1919 and has had a continued active presence in Jakarta since—bar of the interruption of World War 2. The Society aims to celebrate Scotland and all things Scottish here in Jakarta and is open to everyone who wishes to joins in such celebrations. From smaller gatherings for

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Other Side Bicycle Experience Explores Urban Kampung

Riding a bicycle may not be the most popular activity in Jakarta but a community of cyclists hopes to change that—while exploring the city’s hidden charms. Dian Hasan and Gregory Tobing—the duo behind cycling community Other Side Bicycle Experience—have taken sightseeing to another level. On two wheels. Dian Hasan and Greggory Tobing started the community in

The Reason for Games

While the Olympic Games  motto is “Higher, Faster, Stronger” which is a very competitive and challenging phrase, the Olympic Creed summarises the ideals behind the Olympic games very well. “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not

In Conversation With the Ambassador of South Korea H.E. Kim Chang-Beom

NOW! Jakarta spoke to the Ambassador about the special relationship between Indonesia and South Korea and the gains this relationship has seen in recent years. Ambassador of South Korea to Indonesia, H.E. Kim Chang-Beom. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA You have recently been appointed Ambassador to Indonesia. How have you been adjusting to life this country?

Meet David Butcher, Principal of British School Jakarta

David Butcher has been appointed Principal of British School Jakarta (BSJ) this year. One of 12 heads on the International Baccalaureate council, his recent post was Principal of Secondary at the International School of the Hague. NOW! Jakarta spoke to him about his career and his philosophy on education. David Butcher is the new Principal of

SabangMerauke Aims to Foster an Atmosphere of Tolerance

SabangMerauke aims to promote an atmosphere of tolerance and inclusion through a range of activities. SabangMerauke aims to open people’s minds, encourage tolerance and inclusion through a range of activities by living with family in different backgrounds. Photo by Hulio Caesko/NOW!JAKARTA One afternoon, the calm in the village of Papaloang, North Maluku was broken when

Jakarta’s Culinary Smorgasbord

First of all I want to establish two things: one, “culinary” is an adjective not a noun! The number of times I have heard it used as a noun is annoying and completely incorrect. “Susi, works in culinary” what? “Susi is a culinary expert” or “Susi works in the culinary world” are correct. Two: the

An Interview with Philip Lim, Country General Manager of The Ascott Limited

Ascott has operated in Indonesia since 1995. The group, which also includes Somerset and Citadines Serviced Residences has grown to be the world’s largest international serviced residence owner-operator.   Philip Lim, Country General Manager of The Ascott Limited. Photo courtesy of The Ascott  Limited/NOW!JAKARTA The Ascott Limited, currently owned, managed and franchised eight properties spread

Into the Light: A Community That Helps Prevent Suicide

Death by suicide is a tragedy. A soul-crushing surprise, leaving loved ones, friends and family not only mourning the shocking death but also prediction and prevention are fraught with difficulty. Here in Jakarta, you can join Into the Light, a community engagement that concerns on preventing suicide across the lifespan. NOW!JAKARTA Deciding whether or not

In Conversation with H.E. Jari Sinkari Ambassador of Finland

Relations between Finland and Indonesia have grown thanks to one presidential and multiple ministerial visits in recent years. The Ambassador, who recently arrived in Jakarta, tells Ranjit Jose he hopes to continue the momentum. H.E. Jari Sinkari, Ambassador of Finland in Indonesia. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA You have recently been appointed Ambassador to Indonesia. How

The Philosophy of Success

As we approach the end of the year it comes time to think about what we have achieved, what could we have done better, what perhaps we should not have done, and what we can do to improve not only our lives but those around us. The Asian Games brought home to us the meaning

At this Urban Collective, a Deeper Engagement with Community

Co-living is a new way for people to live in cities, designed to provide convenience, quality and a genuine sense of community. A growing trend in many cities worldwide, Jakarta finally gets its own with Co-Haus. Co-House becomes the first co-living space in Jakarta. Photo by Raditya Fadilla, and courtesy of Co-Haus/NOW!JAKARTA All too often we're

An Interview with H.E. Marina Berg, the Ambassador of Sweden in Indonesia

As she settles into her role as Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E. Marina Berg speaks to Ranjit Jose about ways in which Sweden can help Indonesia achieve its targets with regard to energy efficiency and effective transportation. H.E. Marina Berg, the Ambassador of Sweden in Indonesia. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA Welcome to Jakarta! How have these

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