doctorSHARE: A Floating Hospital Provides Much Needed Care to Remote Areas

doctorSHARE travels to Indonesia’s remote eastern islands to provide medical services. It recently assisted communities affected by the natural disasters in Lombok and Palu. One of Papuan thanked to doctor who cured them from disease. doctorSHARE has been travelling across archipelago to help people get accessible healthcare. Photo courtesy of doctorSHARE/NOW!JAKARTA Dr. Lie Dharmawan, a

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The Labyrinth of Ika Vantiani’s Journey into Art

Ika Vantiani is a woman of many talents: after obtaining her formal education at a Public Relations school and a 13-year career in the advertising industry, she eventually decided to fully focus on her work as an artist – and has never looked back. Ika spoke to NOW! Jakarta about her life in the creative

Disaster, Why And How Do We Better Respond

Indonesia has arguably the most beautiful and exciting land and seascapes in the world. Unfortunately this comes at a price. The archipelagic shape of the country is the result, over geological time, of the movement of tectonic plates, which shift as the earth spins on an elliptical path around the sun. But what can be

dr. Shilpa Dhoka: Ayurveda May Help Us Achieve Mental and Physical Balance

In India, Ayurveda—the traditional wellness philosophy which combine physical, spiritual, and nature—is now acknowledged globally and has become popular alongside the practice of Yoga. Dr. Shilpa Dhoka, a Jakarta-based Ayurveda specialist spoke to NOW! Jakarta about the traditional holistic medicine following a lecture at Atma Jaya Catholic University Jakarta in commemoration of Diwali and National

Ten Years of NOW! Jakarta, a New Year for Jakarta City

There is a very funny and kind of inexplicable psychology about “The New Year”. What makes the 1st of January any different to the 31st December? Or any other day? NOW!JAKARTA publisher, Alistair Speirs. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA They are just days, my pet dogs don’t know the difference, to some extent the poorer end of society

In Conversation with H.E. Gary Quinlan AO​, Australian Ambassador to Indonesia

Indonesia’s relationship with Australia spans decades and is now stronger than ever. Ambassador Quinlan spoke to NOW! Jakarta about the various areas of cooperation between the two countries. H.E. Gary Quinlan AO​, Australian Ambassador to Indonesia. Photo courtesy of The Australian Embassy/NOW!JAKARTA You’ve been Australia’s Ambassador to Indonesia for six months now. Please tell us

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