The Sanur Village Festival, held from 9 to 13 August in Bali, aims to awaken the country’s spirit of unity.

Throughout Indonesia’s long and oftentimes tumultuous history, the country has always unified under ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’ (Unity in Diversity). These values of acceptance, tolerance and mutual respect will celebrated in this year’s annual Sanur Village Festival: in a world where brutality and violence are increasingly commonplace it is essential that we cling to our core beliefs.

Festival Chairman Sidharta Putra says that its crucial to send out positive messages in times like these, and that the festival programme reflects the open-mindedness of the Sanur community that is welcoming to all – both Indonesians and foreigners.

Similar to previous festivals, the main stage will feature cultural and art performances. Other attractions will entertain visitors as they are enjoying various snacks and drinks from the food bazaar.

“The joy of acknowledging all the differences we have will be reflected in the stage witnessed by thousands of spectators. Therefore we always try to show the best,” Sidharta Putra says.

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