NOW! Jakarta spoke to Manael Sudarman, Head of Sales & Marketing at CGV, about the brand’s engagement in Indonesia.

Head of Sales & Marketing at CGV, Manael Sudarman. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA

Please tell us the history of the CGV Brand. It has expanded over the decades. What are some of its secrets for success? What have some of your pioneering achievements been?
CJ CGV is one of the biggest cinema operators in the world, currently ranked at number 5 globally. We are growing fast. Our goal is to be more than just a cinema. CGV Cinemas are CULTUREPLEX and we aim to spread this experience worldwide by becoming the “Global No.1 Cultureplex”

In 2006 the Company unveiled our 1st cinema with brand namely Blitzmegaplex. In 2014 the Company established a cooperation with CJ CGV Korea. This cooperation was marked by re-branding our cinema to be CGV*blitz in 2015. We believe CGV as a global brand could further increase our cinema brand. In December 2016, CJ CGV Korea acquired the Company's control and with this we re-brand our cinema to be CGV Cinemas.

CGV has always believed in EVOLVING BEYOND MOVIES, we do this by pushing forward in becoming an entertainment platform by providing various alternative content and activities (VR game centre, in cinema concert and various cultural activities).

CGV also believes in tapping the growing mobile first customer in Indonesia by providing easy online ticketing and content marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LINE and Website.

Gold Class Cinema at CGV.

How has the CGV brand enhanced the cinema viewing experience? What are some of the features you offer other cineplexes do not?
While most cinema operators offer limited technology, CGV Cinemas Indonesia offers eight different movie watching experience involving screen size, audio technology, seats feature and projector technology. We have Screen X, Multi projector cinemas that utilise the walls on the left and right, giving customers more screen real-estate when watching a movie; 4DX, the multisensory experience that entices sight, sound, smell, sight as a part of the movie experience. The seat actually moves in sync with the action on the screen! We believe that our presence here in Indonesia is to be a platform provider, not just for movie content, but also for all activities related to culture and entertainment. Sport, technology and art are just some of the content that we provide at CGV.

In terms of the world of cinema itself, what are the dramatic changes in sound and visuals done for the development of the cinema theatre experience? 
Features are the key for us to move forward. Technology is one of the most crucial things that we pay attention to. Constant innovation is our key. Just recently, CGV Korea had just launch the SCREEN X – 4DX features that combined multiple projectors along with seat movements and other sensory stimulants.

What can we expect in the months ahead from CGV?
Various alternative content related to movies are something that we are very good at. So, do expect more movie festival, cross over movie/music events, seasonal marketing programmes and very exciting that we are planning on launching three more cinemas in Semester 2 in comparison to semester 1 of this year. So, CGV is coming to locations near you!

Ranjit Jose

Ranjit Jose

Ranjit is a previous Editor of NOW! Jakarta. A cultural journalist and anthropologist by training, he has reported on arts and culture for a variety of publications in the USA and Indonesia.