With increased attention to health care—and a greater emphasis on preventive care—more individuals have turned toward protecting their financial liability toward this vital part of our lives. Cigna, a U.S.-based insurance company has reinforced its position as a leading health and life insurer in Indonesia by expanding its business to offer comprehensive global health benefits with the launch of Cigna Global Health Indonesia.

Cigna has reinforced its position as a leading health and life insurer in Indonesia by expanding its business to offer comprehensive global health benefits. Photo courtesy of Cigna Ad campaign/NOW!JAKARTA

This innovative and flexible proposition provides customers with the freedom to choose the healthcare benefits they need as well as the location of medical facilities – both domestically and globally. This is part of the company’s business strategy to build multi-product, service, and distribution channels to meet customer needs and health requirements

“Cigna’s history in Indonesia goes back 27 years,”chief marketing officer of Cigna Indonesia Ben Furneaux said. “We have deep roots globally, and with our long history here, we are able to have a good understanding of the customer base, healthcare and accident solutions all targeted towards individuals.”

Cigna Indonesia provides a wide range of products and services that meet the protection needs of its customers throughout their life and has became the pioneer in providing insurance solution that can cover the whole family with just one insurance policy.

Recently, Cigna launched Cigna Global Health Indonesia, a solution that provides comprehensive health protection package across a customer’s health journey from preventative care through to inpatient and outpatient care, right through to recovery with post hospitalisation benefits. In addition to its health proposition, Cigna also offer various protection and investment solutions to help their customers prepare a financially-secured future.

Over one million Indonesians travel overseas for treatment per year with Malaysia and Singapore as the top destinations, Furneaux noted.

In 2016, healthcare costs in Indonesia increased 15 per cent, compared to general inflation of 5.8 per cent. Malaysian healthcare costs also increased by 15 percent over the same period, while inflation remained relatively stable in 1.7 per cent. Therefore the cost of healthcare might become too expensive for some consumers. Cigna Global Health Indonesia is a comprehensive and tailored international premium health care plan that covers inpatient and day patient procedures – including cancer care.

Customers have access to Cigna’s medical network of one million professionals around the world. They also benefit from a cashless network at over 2,000 medical facilities worldwide, including 1,200 hospitals and clinics within Indonesia.

Cigna has partnered with AdMedika, one of the most notable third-party administrator that provides health care claim administration services that allows Cigna to reach out more customers. To answer customers’ need of a real-time medical services, Cigna also collaborate with HaloDoc, a digital health application that gives additional benefits for its hospital income plan policy holders, such as online medical consultation and free pharmacy delivery service. Cigna also encourages customers to improve their well-being by spending more time with family, and offers various interesting initiatives such as free movie tickets and discounts in more than 600 merchants in Indonesia for their policy holder.

In Indonesia, Cigna operates with OJK, the Indonesian financial services regulator. “They’re a great regulator,” Furneaux said “They make sure we as a company and industry back up our promises. At the end of the day we're delivering promises. OJK allows us to have flexible  propositions but stay well within our license and I have been very pleased working with them for the three years I've been here,” he added. Furneaux, who has worked in Singapore and Hong Kong added that the Indonesian regulator is collaborative and supportive.

With a range of flexible plans, including unit-linked for the middle and affluent class, Funeaux says positioning the company in the high net worth and expatriate segments has seen positive results given that this is a premium brand that’s great for individuals looking for international coverage.

Ultimately at its core, the company is out to help the communities they serve improve their health, well-being and sense of security. “Wherever you are in the world and you are concerned about failing ill, just know that Cigna has your back without any worry along the way."



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