If families in Indonesia would have better plans for their healthcare, education and retirement, there would be tremendous potential for them to become more prosperous.

Therefore, PT Commonwealth Life (Commonwealth Life) and PT Bank Commonwealth (Commonwealth Bank), two subsidiaries of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) in Indonesia have announced a bancassurance partnership through the launch of COMM Family Protection, which include Maxiwealth Link, COMM Classy Care, and COMM Extra Care. These products and riders are aimed at supporting the Indonesian families in planning their finances, through protection as well as investment financial instruments.

Commonwealth Life and Commonwealth Bank’s bancassurance partnership aims at assisting Indonesian middle class families to plan their finances through various unit-linked products within COMM Family Protection.

Maxiwealth Link allocates 100 percent of its premium to investment, whereas COMM Classy Care and COMM Extra Care provide costumers access to the best hospitals in ASEAN countries and Australia.

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