Daya, Gaya, DECENTA Exhibition at Salihara Arts Center

From 14 May to 25 June, Salihara Arts Center will display the seminal works of Decenta. The exhibition titled ‘Daya, Gaya, DECENTA’ will present screen prints, documentation of graphic design projects and aesthetic elements of the Decenta Gallery, and other archives. 

In 1973, three prominent Indonesian artists — A.D. Pirous, Gregorious Sidharta, and Adrian Palar — established Decenta (Design Center Association) a legendary design agency based out of Bandung whose groundbreaking style expanded the appreciation of graphic art in Indonesia. Working during Indonesia’s ‘New Order’ era, Decenta were known for their search for ‘Indonesianness’, exploring traditional cultural values and iconography and reimagining this through a modern lens. The exhibition, curated by fine art writer Chabib Duta Hapsoro, will showcase 45 displays, from archival documentation, artistic designs of buildings, as well their unique works of art. 

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