As December draws near, Soeasana Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Puncak, is thrilled to present its exclusive December dining programme, the “Nusantara Special Cuisine – Chef Degustation.” Indulge in an exquisite gastronomic journey with the 6-in-1 set menu, promising a vibrant celebration of Nusantara flavours as we bid farewell to this remarkable year.

Satisfy your palate with the decadent 6-course Chef Degustation menu, a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation that elevates beloved Nusantara flavours to new heights.

Start off your gastronomic adventure with the delightful Amusing Cempedak, a clever exploration of cempedak’s rich flavours and aromatics, ingeniously combining its seeds and skin, drizzled with a sweet fruit sauce for a unique and tantalising experience. Next in line is the meticulously prepared Nouveau Soto Ayam, showcasing the consommé method. This flavorful creation features chicken, quail egg, and dumplings crafted from cabbage and bean sprouts, providing a fresh take on the beloved classic soto ayam.

Savour the Asinan Bogor Level Up, a fusion of vacuum-compressed fruits combined with a sauce enriched by cuka aren and nypa sugar. Topped with a Calincing Kupu leaf garnish, this dish promises an explosion of exquisite flavours. Indulge in the aromatic Kecombrang Infused Beef, a celebration of taste and texture, served with sous-vide saikoro wagyu cube infused with kecombrang shoots and kecombrang fruit-infused fried rice with grilled kecombrang shoots.

Please your palate with the Nusantara Smoked Salmon, featuring coconut husk-smoked salmon fillet glazed with Nusantara’s unique “Balsamic” vinegar blend. Complemented by curry cauliflower purée, this dish offers a harmonious blend of flavours. Conclude your culinary experience with the sweet and refreshing Es Teler Sorbet, an innovative twist on the beloved Es Teler. This layered sorbet is a blend of fruit, spices, and sweeteners, providing a refreshing and sweet end to this exclusive culinary experience. The 6-course Chef Degustation menu is available only on 15-16 December and 22-23 December 2023.

Welcome the New Year with a feast at Soeasana Restaurant on 31 December 2023. Soeasana’s Nusantara Extravaganza presents a New Year’s Eve Countdown dinner on the hills of Puncak, a dining experience that celebrates the gastronomic excellence and cultural heritage of Indonesian cuisine. Immerse yourself in the richness of Nusantara cuisines against the backdrop of Puncak’s magical surroundings – the majestic mountain vista, tranquil night breeze, and starlit sky. The evening unfolds with traditional cultural performances, creating an unforgettable celebration that intertwines culinary excellence with cultural splendour.

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