Wonderful Indonesia, there is no doubt about it— Java, Flores, Lombok, Sulawesi, Bali, Papua, Sumatra, Banda, anywhere in this country—is a pleasure for the traveller’s senses. Wonderful Jakarta is another statement to be considered. This city needs to be discovered, explored! There are many hidden treasures within and around the city and Indonesia Heritage Society Explorers can show them to you. 

Indonesia Heritage Society often explore traditional market, meet with people and get knowledge about the city in personal interaction. Photo courtesy of Indonesia Heritage Society/NOW!JAKARTA

The Indonesian Heritage Society (IHS) is a non-profit organisation which promotes Indonesian culture. Joining this association provides numerous opportunities to discover the rich Indonesian culture and to deepen our knowledge of it. With day and evening lectures, study groups, library, trips and visits, IHS organises a wide range of activities to learn and understand more about Indonesia.

The Explorers are a major part of the IHS and offers 160 different tours; with us you can enjoy art, architecture, culture, food, museums, nature and so much more.

If you love trekking but don’t enjoy museums much, or if you love ceramics but don’t like cooking—it is not a problem with Explorers, you can always find areas of interest. You will surprise yourself and enjoy activities you would never have thought of trying before: at the end of the tour, you will realise that it was so much fun and really interesting.

Even visits to main tourist spots like Kota Tua, Chinatown or Sunda Kelapa are different with IHS Explorers, as you will be guided by knowledgeable and passionate guides.

Experiencing with locals in making products.

We explore hidden neighbourhoods like the tempe, tahu and krupuk production area in Mampang Prapatan, unknown beautiful museums hidden in the heart of the city. We go to markets early in the morning or during the day to walk around colourful stalls bustling with people. There are always plenty of photo opportunities for budding or experienced photographers during the tours.

Other discoveries can be as diverse as going to the Equil Bottle factory to watch the water purification process, to Aero Foods ACS to see the inflight catering, or to the BKMG Tsunami Center to learn more about meteorology, earthquakes and tsunamis.

IHS EXPLORERS can help you discover or widen your knowledge about various subjects such as customs, handicrafts, painting, music, monuments and cuisines from all over the archipelago. This is done through visits or talks.

You can learn about “yayasans” and their never-ending energy to make the life of underprivileged people better through shelter homes, handicraft, recycling or farming projects via our Explorer trips. We go behind the scenes at Taman Safari and cuddle baby animals such as tigers or orangutans. Explorers travel outside Jakarta to walk outdoors in Puncak, Bogor or Sentul. We go hiking or visit a tea plantation or the botanical gardens.  

China Town in Glodok Jakarta and florist in Jakarta.

Being part of IHS Explorers will open the doors of normally private or restricted access museums, such as Roemah Djawa or the Harry Darsono Museum. Learning about Indonesian culture is done through the many IHS Explorers tours; learn how to play gamelan or how to cook Indonesian food or how to weave janur, or witness special ceremonies like Mitoni (7th month pregnancy) and Tedak Siten (7th month old baby).

Yet another way to discover the Indonesian culture is to taste Indonesian food. A new group was created this year—the IHS Food Explorers. Here you can also discover the different cuisines from all over the archipelago from Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Malukku, Bali or Papua.

The experience is all about exploring, and learning. Enjoying your discovery is the key to broadening your knowledge about Indonesia. You meet new friends along the way whether it be other Explorers or local people met on the tour.

Exploring other sides of the city such as rice paddy and ancient buildings.

Indonesian Heritage Society Explorers has 5 groups from October to May and one group during the summer. Each group is named after a Mahabharata character:

The Food Explorers operates on Mondays, once a month, with the chubby Bagong.
On Tuesdays, once a month, explore with the handsome hero Arjuna.
On Wednesdays, bimonthly, go adventuring with the wise Semar or the faithful Sembadra.
On Thursdays, bimonthly, step out with the powerful Bima.
On Saturdays, monthly, couple, families or working people could join with the strong Gatotkaca to explore Jakarta

So hurry to join the Indonesian Heritage Society Explorers and start seeing Jakarta differently!! How to join IHS Explorers? After joining the IHS, send an email to explorers@heritagejkt.org



Text Isabelle Duan-Bahuet​. This article is originally from paper. Read NOW!Jakarta Magazine September 2018 issue “Music and Nightlife”. Available at selected bookstore or SUBSCRIBE here.

The Indonesian Heritage Society Library

The Indonesian Heritage Society Library

The Indonesian Heritage Society Jakarta is a non-profit organisation offering the opportunity to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia. The varied activities of the society, including tours, lectures and study groups, provide a stepping stone to discovering the culture, life, history & art of this vast archipelago.