Cross Hotels & Resorts Indonesia takes great pride in announcing the remarkable success and growth under the inspiring leadership of its Country Manager, Evan Burns. With a steadfast commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism, Evan has spearheaded the company’s expansion across the Indonesian archipelago.

Evan Burns from Cross Hotel & Resorts Indonesia

Cross Hotels & Resort Indonesia has had a transformative business journey in the country. The international hotel management company, owned by Flight Centre Travel Group, has seen impressive growth, both in quantity and quality, seeing more properties come under its wing whilst improving the operations and experiences of their current portfolio.

At the helm of Cross Hotels & Resorts Indonesia is Country Manager Evans Burns, who has taken a holistic and future-focused approach to the group’s development. By integrating sustainable practices and fostering community engagement, he has positioned the company as a beacon of excellence in the Indonesian market. His position requires him to balance between maintaining operational efficiency, ensuring exceptional guest experiences, and retain partnerships with stakeholders within the country scope. “The key to enhance the partnership for Cross Hotels & Resorts Indonesia’s further expansions, is to offer personalised solutions for the stakeholders, especially for the owners,” Evan shares with NOW!

Cross Hotels & Resorts Indonesia

Importantly, Evan remains acutely aware of the ‘bigger picture’, recognising the importance of preserving Indonesia’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, as these are the very destinations that guests are looking to enjoy and discover. As such, the group has implemented eco-friendly initiatives to minimise its environmental footprint. Energy-efficient measures, water conservation efforts, and responsible waste management systems have become integral components of the company’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Sustainability is more than just numbers, inputs and outputs. People are thus a central focus too, which is why Cross Hotels & Resorts Indonesia continuously supports local communities. By collaborating with local artisans, suppliers, and service providers, the company has stimulated economic growth and preserved the authenticity of the destinations it operates in. 

“Our commitment to creating unforgettable memories for our guests, in the lap of luxury and the embrace of nature, cements our reputation as a leader in the hospitality industry,” adds the Country Manager.

But this goes beyond work, as Evan Burn’s commitment to causes is a personal mission as well, extending his support to causes he believes in. This includes Shuffle and Strides, a community raising awareness and providing resources for mental well-being in Indonesia; as well as becoming a major sponsor for the Bali Geckos (local Australian football club), where he has played a pivotal role in promoting Australian Football and encouraging Indonesians to embrace the sport. These two initiatives reflect his value for create a sense of unity within a community.

In terms of business expansion efforts, Evan has focused on Cross Hotels & Resorts Indonesia’s impressive portfolio of properties with a spotlight on exceptional service, stylish design, and an authentic guest experience. This can be seen from the establishment of five luxurious beachfront villas and hotel in Bali and two captivating properties in Lombok.

Cross Hotels & Resorts Indonesia

In Bali, Cross Hotels & Resorts Indonesia carefully selected five prime locations to showcase their commitment to providing unparalleled experiences such as Tanadewa Resort & Spa, Ubud by Cross Collection, Tanadewa Villa & Spa by Cross Collection located in Nusa Dua, Away Bali Legian Camakila and Cross Bali Breakers at Balangan. In Lombok, they unveiled two exquisite properties that blended harmoniously with the island’s pristine surroundings: Away Lombok Mandalika and Amber Lombok Beach Resort by Cross Collection, a beachfront resort offering breathtaking views across the ocean.

The next exciting expansion plan of Cross Hotels & Resorts Indonesia with the highly anticipated opening of Kaura at Manggis, Bali by 1 August 2023. As a premier retreat pavilion, Kaura combines comfort with sustainability and cultural discovery. The retreat offers a variety of community-led activities that offer a special view into local Balinese life and culture. It was designed with attentive touches and offerings. Visitors to Kaura Bali join a once-in-a-lifetime immersive village experience rather than just a place to sleep.

The story of Cross Hotels & Resorts’ expansion in Indonesia is one of passion, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the archipelago. With Evan Burns at the helm, the company continues to pave the way for a more sustainable and responsible future in the Indonesian hospitality industry.

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