For over 30 years, the Accord brand hotels, including Novotel & ibis Styles Jakarta Mangga Dua Square, have been at the forefront of sustainable development in the hospitality industry. Since 2020, these hotels have made a steadfast commitment to driving sustainable transformation by implementing a range of environmentally friendly initiatives throughout their operations, inviting their guests to join in preserving the environment whilst enjoying the best stay experience.

Novotel & ibis Styles Jakarta Mangga Dua Square is deeply committed to the overall sustainability programme. This commitment extends across all aspects, from daily operations to guest experiences in accommodation and dining. The ongoing transformation includes initiatives like operational stay programmes (Sustainable Stays), food cycle rotation programmes (Responsible Food Cycle), staff sustainability programmes, and sustainable travel guidelines (Sustainability Explore).

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For Sustainable Stays, the hotel takes significant steps to reduce its environmental footprint, including eliminating single-use plastic and reducing energy and water consumption, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Guests are encouraged to support these efforts by utilising limited amenities in their rooms, tailored to guests’ needs.

Equally important is the Responsible Food Cycle, designed to minimise food waste through careful and optimised food cycling management. The hotel carefully selects food producers who adhere to responsible practices, including plantations, ranches, farmers, distributors and vendors that promote ecosystem balance without overuse of pesticides and vaccines for animals. Guests are educated on mindful eating habits and portion control. Additionally, the hotel’s kitchen segregates food waste for composting and donates surplus food.

Furthermore, the hotel offers a diverse and healthy menu featuring five mainstay microgreen-infused dishes including Tuna Salad, Vegan Salad, Omega 3, Beef Salad, and Chicken Salad, all prepared with organic vegetables and quality proteins such as chicken, beef, eggs, or fish, while a vegetarian menu is also available.

The hotel fosters a culture of sustainability among its staff through interactive training sessions. As a result, the staff have become diligent in practices such as turning off unused lights and AC, switching off their computers immediately after work, and using their own tumblers for mineral water.

Through these programmes, the hotel offers guests an immersive green lifestyle experience, featuring comprehensive green travel guidance. This includes information on public transportation, nearby nature recreation areas, and electric vehicles. The programmes are assessed in four sustainability systems: sustainable management, environmental impact, cultural preservation, and socio-economic practices within the hotel.

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